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  1. Perfect balance probably isn't possible really. There will always be some sotuations where somethings a bit too strong or weak. It's hundreds of skills, being mixed in with hundreds of relics, in a thousand different scenarios involving dozens of class combinations. Hard to balance that perfectly.
  2. I mostly focus on pvp side of the game, bd works for both. Just been spamming past couple weeks for weekly tournies.
  3. It would be abusable with normal books alone, but when you start thinking about octo/orcinus books being tossed around to any class that happens to be unbalanced at that time, the problem reaches another level imo.
  4. Feel like this would be way too abusable. You could just keep transfering said books to new chars in order to fight for arena ranks and what not.
  5. Only ever got 2 drops in the 50 or so spams i've done there since release
  6. I think you're missing the whole point im trying to make. BDs have to be stunned, or youre dead. Being able to just gain hp from the dmg you take while stunned, to survive long enough to spam more resists and rushes, is how it benefits bds. +distort doesnt heal during ham, so it doesnt really counter bds. Rangers have 1 skill that triggers distort heals, so isn't really a counter for them either, nor does it trigger from roots which are druids main stuns. Mages have 1 stun which lasts like 2 seconds. Barbs without stuns cant hurt anyone, dunno what thats about. Charmer damage being "split" by pets and lower dmgs means nothing, since each of those hits still have a chance to heal. I do agree that palas shield is broken as it stands, but thats not the point of this topic. I'm not saying its broken because i can't kill people, it's the opposite. As it stands i can literally just run into the whole mc team, 3v3 or 5v5, with no fear of dying. And as far as im concerned, that counts as broken.
  7. What you mean sacrificing resil? I can simply use lifesteal cape/amu, with awards and a resi scroll. That alone is enough to have almost 45% ish vamp, without secret book even being active, and max resi. You having an attitude about bds has nothing to do with the topic. The book benefits bds probably more than most classes. Besides, you can get healed almost 2k off barbs hits, way more from rogues. Idk what this has to do with one side being unbalanced. Most elf classes don't even get affected by the book. Rangers, palas, bds, druids, priests all have control skills that don't count as stuns. Only class i can think of that suffers alot from it is templar. Meanwhile alot of mc control skills do count as stuns.
  8. You can reach 45-50% lifesteal easily with buffs, 60-65% at low hp with secret vamp. Combine that with lifeforce pot boosting distortions heal to 210%, and it isnt hard to see why classes like barbs, dks and locks, that rely heavily on stuns, would mostly just heal the person they're trying to kill instead of doing damage. Not to mention even castles heal buff also boosts distortion. Palas aura also. You can reach a 50%+ chance, to heal almost 300% of the dmg you take. And this whole "waa waa don't stun them then" - logic doesnt work. You can't just "not stun" bds, rangers, seekers, rogues etc in arena. Its completely busted.
  9. Distortion is easy to fight on bds. Especially if its a caster. It's just straight unbalanced as it is. One book shouldn't make you immortal. Nor should it make it impossible for certain classes to kill you (barb dk lock).
  10. Heres an example of how broken this is. Keep in mind this is without having any other life steal books, no great charms and just normal gears with enchants. It can't be just me who thinks that one person, in theory, being able to tank every single opposite faction player at once, as long as they remain stunned, is just stupid. Had to make the quality a bit worse to be able to upload it. XiaoYing_Video_1606267700307.mp4
  11. Definitely worth killing, alot of competition though
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