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  1. Bd and ranger just are very big counters to warlocks. The same way hunters/reapers kill elf casters easily. You're supposed to have classes that counter you. Warlocks counter multiple classes heavily too; priests, paladins, templars, druids and alot of the time mages have no way to deal with warlocks. Is it fair to say that makes wlocks op? Natural counters just exist to each class
  2. Personally i find mages easy to kill on a priest while bladedancers not so much, but yes, that could also be because I'm not playing correctly against them. It all changes situation to situation, theres so many variables that play into each encounter; player skill, gears, which class counters which, relics, resist procs etc. As for warlocks, yes there are some classes that almost hard counter them, but theres also classes that get countered by locks too. It's how balance should work. If theres one class that rises above every other class then it's a balance issue, while if a class, in this case warlock, can't beat some classes, thats just the game working as intended. That's the way it should be for every class.
  3. Obviously I'm talking with buffs. If you play the game without using buffs and actually having a properly built char no wonder it feels like you dont accomplish much against people who do have both of those things. Maybe you should consider getting the experience
  4. Idk about locks being low damage. I still get hit 3k+ by the skills of properly built ones. Thats far higher single target burst than mages for example. Besides, don't wlocks have some sort of damage reduction? I could be wrong, but seems convenient to just not mention it. Also isn't this talent made specifically to counter peoples resist?
  5. Best of luck with whatever comes next!
  6. In PvE their single target damage isn't that much higher than priests. It's way way closer to that than any actual damage dealer
  7. If you can't hold agro from a class thats single target dmg is comparable to a priest then idk what to tell you
  8. Let's be real, any class with some form of damage can survive dungeons, this isn't just a thing mages do. Outside of like mythical temple tanks aren't needed only for surviving the mobs, but that's not the only thing tank classes do. Clearly you're not too familiar with them, or just not that good at using them. Couple examples of these other ways tanks can be useful are things such as; -Agroing mobs constantly to allow the partys damage dealers move forward more rapidly without having to kill everything -Moving bosses around to more favourable positions(such as moving the boss in myth sea close to the mushrooms, or at orcinus where the tank who can hold agro basically decides if the boss dies or not) -Stacking mobs together ahead of your team to allow for aoe classes to dispose of them more easily -Literally just having the ability to hold agro, not only to keep your partys damages safe from the damage, but to also eat possible stuns and debuffs the boss might have to make sure your damagers can dps in peace These are all things a mage can't do. As for the pvp part, I'll say it once again, mages skills force them to be withing melee range, so some form of survivability is required to be able to do that. I mean you could compare them to chiefs, thats also a high aoe damage class that is forced to be within melee range to fully take advantage of their aoe bleeds. If you took away all the survivability the class has what would you even have left.
  9. Mages are meant to be this brawler type magic char, and since alot of their skills require them to be in melee range, obviously they have to be kind of tanky. But I wouldn't go as far as call them a damager, their damage is still low compared to actual damage dealers.
  10. Pretty sure the current bd shield is far stronger than it used to be.
  11. The game has less players, thats true, but it´s not that dramatic of a difference if you think about it. With much more content being around, the playerbase is alot more split too. The bulk of the players just aren´t gathered in one or two areas anymore.
  12. You are heavily overestimating how much effort it takes to stay alive and do a little bit of damage to the boss. A level 14 could do that in most bosses, a level 20 could do it in all of them, except maybe sand raid, because thats difficult to get to. I don´t know what these auctions are you talk about, maybe it´s something people do in your server, but yes I am in a guild that fights for these bosses. Those fights are some of the most fun content this game has to offer. Also no, I don´t gain anything from drops from those bosses, unless I get lucky and drop myself. How would the bosses become any more competitive with this system? It´s just going to be the more populated side always winning those kills and bringing alts to farm those chests. Even the losing, less populated side, could easily just bring some random alts there and not even bother fighting for the kill, because they could get the exact same reward with 0 effort. I don´t understand how thats such a hard concept to grasp. These kind of pity, participation trophy systems will always get abused. And honestly I dont think every single piece of content should be neutered into something with 0 effort or competition involved. Theres already plenty of rewarding things that cater to the weaker players, like guild events/world events/almost all dungeons.
  13. Honestly I don't even know where to start. It just sounds like you chose a competitive mmo and now want to make it a cookie clicker that you play fully afk. Also no I didn't say every purchase is a risk. That was an example to point out a flaw in your logic regarding that on your original post. And your conditions resolve nothing lol. You could just smack down bunch of lvl 20s to the bosses area and smack it for 1k, reaping the rewards for 0 effort. If not raid bosses, then what is supposed to be something that guilds can compete for? In most gvgs it already barely makes a difference what rank you get. It would remove one of the very few things people can actually fight and work towards, and turn it into an idle activity.
  14. I presented multiple flaws, you just choose to dismiss them instead of addressing them, making it pretty clear you're not open to discuss it anyway. At the very least it should be limited to the guild that gets the kill. Not every person needs to get a participation trophy everywhere.
  15. If we follow that logic, selling anything ever to anyone would risk you being banned lol. Also no, it won´t. there wouldn´t be any reason to compete, you could just make chars on the side thats winning, park them at those raids and farm it for completely free. Making them afk events like nocturna or rottung. I don´t understand this logic to be honest. I mean, you are playing a pvp based game, where there exists 2 sides and guilds that compete with each other, but you want everything to be given free without actually partaking in any of that competition. Honestly, it´s silly. These bosses are supposed to be end game content that you fight for, not a horror map world event where you go and afk and get your rewards for free.
  16. I don't understand the part about malicious players getting people banned. How is a guild working together to secure a boss kill and then splitting the gold malicious in any way? Also as for the suggestion, these bosses are supposed to be something you compete for. They are one of the main sources of mass pvp in most servers, encouraging guilds to work together to fight for the kills. Turning them into a world event kind of afk mess would kill a big part of pvp and competition within the game. One less detrimental change would be a system where, for example 20 random members present of the guild/guilds(if mixed party) that get the kill, would receive a chest. Within this chest would be all the regular drops + a rare chance for the bosses costume, but not the dedicated book drop. This would still motivate people to fight for those kills, while also giving people outside the kill parties a reason to show up. Reason for the books not being in those chests is that some of those books are strong enough to instantly swing the balance between, for example, guilds competing for arena ranks, and should be something you have to compete properly for.
  17. Kinda true, i wish they'd do something with truce for PvE so that it can keep mobs off you, atleast for a second or 2. Although the new one is arguably better for dmg and overall quality of life when using it for bosses etc.
  18. Yea the difficulty jump there is pretty big. Although most of that comes, for t5 atleast, from talents. They make a massive difference there, but are very expensive and time consuming to get, eapecially if you're not in a guild that actuvely does events there. Personally I'd love to see t5 talent prices lowered a bit, gold wise atleast. They're by far the most expensive ones to upgrade, while also being more or less a requirement to do the map properly.
  19. I kind of disagree on it taking extremely long. With ayvondil changes and t4/t3 being super fast to open, you can get decent gears relatively fast. Especially if eventually you'll end up having, for example, 2 chars at that stage, and do pelion on both of them 1-2x a week. While it's true that doing quests isn't going to get you to a high amp instantly, you can pretty comfortably get good enough gears to start doing different content. Especially since most of the gears nowadays are extremely cheap, as long as they're not the most meta choice. Personally i think a big part of why it feels like it's impossible to reach high level content is that there is a really big jump in difficulty from ayvondil t4 to t5/almahad. But it's not impossible, it'll just take some time. You'll need to build a good base for a char: some talents, decent gears and hopefully near max level. That takes proportionally alot more time than anything before that, which is why closing that gap will probably seem like a brick wall for alot of people, especially if they're looking for completely linear progression.
  20. This change was made to kick years ago to buff it
  21. For def yes, but when it comes to accu working with dodge, negative accu does give you a higher dodge chance. The formula is: Dodge - accu=dodge chance
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