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  1. Screen_Recording_20210824-055504_Warspear Online_1.mp4 There appears to be a bug with charmers "call" skill, which for some reason causes it to ignore resilience and lower pvp crit damage completely. In the clip above, you can see this in action. A dog spawned by this skill, hitting me 1k, suddenly starting to crit 2k+, despite having 50% resilience and pvp crit multiplier being lowered by default. I understand resilience is supposed to work on damage from other players, not npcs, but since charmers spawns damage is based on the users damage, surely this should apply to them also? As it is right now this skill completely ignores resilience, and the lower pvp crit multiplier existing. This causes multiple issues, since ignoring the main pvp stat the whole games arena system is based around, is kind of a big deal. For example, combined with this relic, you can spawn multiples of these resilience ignoring spawns. Is this an oversight? Since their damage is based on the players personal damage, surely pvp crit restrictions should apply. And surely they shouldn't completely ignore resilience, the main defensive pvp stat of the game. The issues abusing this, what im assuming is a bug causes, are insane. One charmer can spawn 5-6 of these mobs, that do aoe dmg(which also ignores resilience and pvp crit multiplier), being able to practically one shot any player, and anyone near them, even with maxed out award sets, by simply clicking one button. Just to emphasize, this literally allows one charmer, to spawn the equivalent of a +10 pvp rogue that can crit, every 4 seconds or so. They can output more dmg just by spawning these with rage on, than a full party of +10 damage classes could ever dream of doing, in pvp. It is quite literally a game breaking bug. And thats from 1 person abusing it. You can probably imagine the effect this would have, if you had multiple people abusing it in the same place. 1237234991_Screen_Recording_20210824-101525_WarspearOnline.mp4 It's not even an exaggeration, here is a comparison to a +10 bds damage. (This is also with lower resi since gears stay lower level) +10 bd with full guild buffs and books does 1500, while a single dog that can be spammed infinitely every 4 seconds does 2k.
  2. Personal rewards, especially if just regular skins and costumes seem a bit underwhelming. If the rewards were something like recolour kits for example, might be a bit more interesting. For example, a recolour kit for demonologists costume, to change to main colour scheme from black and white to blue and white. Or say a red recolor for ice daggers, or something along those lines. Other than the rewards, absolutely love the idea. The game really lacks challenge atm, especially for end game players. Would love to see this become a thing in the future.
  3. Can't remember every level, but lvl 22 is 375k xp
  4. There is a difference between one hitting people with so bad gears they're basically naked, and fighting actually geared people. Screen_Recording_20210818-034851_Warspear Online.mp4 Fine, you can reach 68%, without books or a single enchant. Personally i feel like it's usually the shamans and locks supporting the rogues that do the outplaying. But I suppose i could be wrong. BDs work perfectly as a damage sponge/distraction class, so the less tanky backline classes can pick off isolated targets while you keep people busy. But thats a bit off topic. And about dodge rogues eating bds alive, it can happen. If you can't avoid kick atleast, but lucky for me, there is a cure. Representing, The Kick Vaccine. If you're getting hit 1,5k by rangers, maybe you're just fighting way higher amped and better geared people. Which would also explain the issues you have in other arenas. I hit properly geared shamans, max 1200, on a fully buffed, fully booked bd. There is no way anyone with 58 resi is getting hit 2k by seekers. Never said they are broken, just that they're easily one of the best pvp classes, and are also great in dungeons. Ok, so by now you've said that rogues are: The 2nd best dmg class for raid bosses, best in most dgs, that they're good for 2v2, they can handle 1v1s, have skills that allow outplays, and that you manage to win most arenas on one. Um... maybe im missing something, but why did you want them to get a buff? Every class has a weakness, and judging from what a rogue main, who clearly understands how the class works, has said, group fights are rogues only one. You know what other class has that same weakness, but it's also combined with multiple other weaknesses, which do prevent them for being viable in all of those earlier mentioned areas? Seekers Feels like this topic would fit better if it was about them instead of rogues.
  5. Rogue literally has the highest pvp dmg output from any class *while still having a viable resi set*(except maybe a charmer with rage crit relic on and multiple dogs up). You get 70% speed, without using a single speed enchant, while having max dodge, 2 stuns(1 of which heals), and a gouge that lasts about a year. Also, Stealth is trash vs a good team, detects or not. (You don't need it anyway) Kick makes 1 person unable to even damage you, (if its resisted you get reaction relic) which is huge in 2v2 and 3v3s. Paired with a decent healer or a barb to single out targets, they can be insane without even bothering with stealth for anything else than activating relics. (Which means you can basically guarantee an ice captivity relic every arena fight with exterms high cd boost combined with stealths low base cd. Which alone makes you immune to be nuked by rangers, or anything really) If your whole idea of playing rogue is stealthing and jumping someone at random expecting for things to die, no wonder you dont do so well. There are some incredibly good rogue users in eu atleast, that are always scary to fight. Even on a fully awarded bd.
  6. Not weakest, they just have a bit lower of a capacity of dmg they can take over long periods of time. Which is made up for in the ability to survive fast, high bursts of damage better than barbs, or even wardens. You know, sustainability traded for whatever tanking fast bursts of damage is called.
  7. Calling dks weak tanks is just false lol
  8. Affected, maybe not. But right now you literally get punished for having resi. In pvp.
  9. They do count as pve damage. That's the whole "bug" I meant. Resi doesn't lower the crit what so ever. Neither does the lower 1,5x multiplication for pvp crits apply to them.
  10. It was more so meant to be about the whole pve damage ignoring resi, and whether or not thats a bug or not. But oh well
  11. I'm not completely sure if this is the right section for this post, but i'm kind of assuming its an oversight. Charmers "call" skill has had this weird property of damage of it being counted either as pve or pvp, depending on the weapon you're using. In most cases theres no issue with this, but when you combine that attribute with this relic.Oh man does it get interesting in PvP situations. Charmers with high cd, are already able to spawn 6-7 of these dogs at once. Which take several hits to kill, and deal high damage as is. But then you add in this relic. It guarantees, that every hit those 6-7 dogs do during your rage, are crits. Which in itself already sounds insane to me, but then in comes the whole thing about charmers weapon defining whether or not the dogs do PvP or PvE damage. When it's PvP dmg, its all good, resilience negates alot of the dmg, and even though strong, its not necessarily broken. BUT when this damage is PvE, WHICH IGNORES RESI, its an issue. You end up with 5-6-7 dogs, hitting nonstop crits, that are uneffected by resilience. And thats when it's just 1 charmer. Make it more and we're talking dozens of non stop critting dogs ignoring resilience completely. Like i said, not sure if this is how it's supposed to work, but figured this might be the best section to make a post about it. Cheers.
  12. vavavi

    Swooping army op

    A good player can avoid bds fairly easily. I've played one for years now, and would like to think that I understand how to use the class to a decent degree. And still, the actually good rangers etc use me as a ping pong ball, without me having any counter to it. And about resist skill, i agree about that 100%. The only reason bds are *in my opinion* balanced, is that they just lack the ability to close the gap. Giving them 3 resists every 20 seconds is honestly just pointless, and a bit overkill. Would like to see the skill reworked a bit atleast. Maybe a longer cd, or instead of guaranteed resists make it a resist stat buff, something anyway.
  13. vavavi

    Swooping army op

    They do have a root skill though. And when you're cabable of almost insta nuking every healer short of a fully awarded druid, the need for an "actual" stun is up for debate. When its classes that can actually hurt you (bds, rangers, rogues) you're only supposed to be dealing damage while almost immortal or immune to cc anyway, negating the need for stuns even more. Not to be rude, but if you're a ranger, druid, shaman or a hunter getting caught by bds, thats on you. A relic that increases your effective range by 40% shouldn't be rare amongst people who do arena. Thats huge utility that will come handy in almost every fight.
  14. Sadly the most I can do in portuguese is barely managing to say hi
  15. vavavi

    Swooping army op

    Idk about this particular skill, but chieftains as a whole, do have some issues in my opinion. Every class in this game has their weak and strong points. A bd is good at close range, but lacks the ability to close the gap. Warlocks have insanely strong cc for group fights, but they lack damage. Priests/necros are incredible support in dgs, but lack a bit in PvP. Rangers and hunters are cabable of dealing high dmg from afar, but are weaker once the gap has been closed. And the list just goes on and on Then theres chiefs They have a huge impact in group fights, with both their damage and thrashing skills cc. They're cabable of insanely high burst damage in both PvE and PvP. Their survivability is through the roof with rugged hide, heals and support of the pack. They're fast, and are cabable of closing the gap to an enemy easily with their increased movement speed and resists. And to top it all of, they can apply rugged hide to anyone in their party, making them practically immortal for a while, giving them a supportive role also. I can't say if i'd necessarily call the class overpowered, but it really does lack a weakness. Not to mention, that in the right hands, you can abuse them to such incredibly high levels in arena. Luckily haven't ran into anyone pushing their limits that far yet, but the potential definitely is there.
  16. Sorry for the bad audio quality/english in general, hopefully atleast somebody is able to decypher a word or two. Eu - Emerald Osowiec
  17. Bit sad theres barely any entries. Extension might be good for the competition as a whole.
  18. He would have to beat our group time too
  19. Tbh, any damage dealing class with enough amps and books could do the same. Seeker could probably be faster
  20. Bds aren't really best at anything. Cant rival seekers or rangers in damage, or compete with palas/wardens in tanking. I just have a good party carrying me, a potato.
  21. Wew, looking forward to seeing what people do for this one
  22. Perfect balance probably isn't possible really. There will always be some sotuations where somethings a bit too strong or weak. It's hundreds of skills, being mixed in with hundreds of relics, in a thousand different scenarios involving dozens of class combinations. Hard to balance that perfectly.
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