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  1. amazing is my Pineapple Smiles concept for Warspear, just saying...
  2. Aкasha


    disponha 😊
  3. Aкasha


    se estiver no pc voce pode achar um icone com a letra A na sua caixa de texo onde consegue mudar a cor. Ou usar BBCode se estiver em versao mobile, digitando o codigo manualmente. Nunca escreva em verde claro, essa cor está reservada apenas para conteúdo oficial.
  4. Aкasha

    use two account

    No, you have the right to have up to 2 accounts linked to 1 device. Since you don't play simutaneously. Plus, multiple accounts linked to 1 IP, e.g. you and your brother share the same network and each of you have 2 accs linked to your smartphones. Please read the End User License Agreement https://warspear-online.com/en/user-licence-agreement
  5. Aкasha


    Onde extamente você leu este anúncio? poderia me enviar o link?
  6. Aкasha

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    For now, the maximum amount of quest you can save is 50. However, I think it should be 100 quests because players have 5 maps of daily quests to save for guild tournaments, in addition to Azure that is just about to be released. 50 quest maximum for 6 maps is way too little.
  7. Aкasha

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    Holy c... I thought the limit of quest were still 100. Why don´t you guys increase this to 100 again? After all we have gotten at least 5* maps for players 20+
  8. Aкasha

    How to do this quest in Ayvondil

    Please, isntead of making things harder for players who already got problems in game, just tag @Aкasha in any topic with a foreign language you can't deal with and I will do my best to find a solution. So we all save time and solve problem which is the main point of the topic 👍 Keep in mind: the international forum is meant for unity and not the other way around. Se você ainda não visualizou no outro topico, esses são os locais que você deve olhar pelas bacias. Se você continuar com problemas, não deixe de voltar a perguntar.
  9. Aкasha

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    kiitos :3 but no need 😞
  10. Aкasha

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    😫 killing myself in 3...2...1
  11. Aкasha

    [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!

    BUT I just started a new char in EU-Emerald 2 days ago because of this event, but it´s already 15. Guys PLEASE, give me one of these chests, this is not fair!
  12. Aкasha

    Minha conta foi excluída

    Antes de enviar o email, não esqueça de: • verificar se você digitou o e-mail corretamente • verificar se digitou a senha com letras maiúsculas (caso a senha original seja com letras minúsculas o sistema resultará como senha inválida)