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  1. I suppose the support team has access to chats history at least within a short period of time and can verify this info if you provide the date and aproximate time CET;
  2. usted debe enviar una mensaje al servício técnico para obtener informaciónes adicionales, junto con los principales datos de su cuenta, comprobantes de pagos (si ha comprado monedas antes) y su email para contacto - en ingles. http://warspear-online.com/es/support
  3. Well, if you complete quests in group to kill a mini boss or boss: • Kelvin • Curvelo • Garras • Tuckoout • Maitress and towers: • Mortarium • Pearl Hold • Fiery Crypt • Forbidden Tunnel • Abandoned Manor you all get the quest completed. However, as for the other quests, usually in any of the mother maps you should collect items from mobs that disappear and reappear - which drop only once per time and doing those ones in group would be waste of time.
  4. I'd give you the proper answer if I had bought for my shaman, but I refuse to spend my mana on that during pvp. However, I have a project in mind for volunteer contributions to build tables with percentage/performance for every skill. Honestly, I can't even afirm it follows a precise pattern, though - I mean, external factors as build, attributes, etc.. influence on its effectiveness, then even finding the pattern, I doubt It would give a clear idea on how it would work for everyone. Hopefully someone else will help you :)
  5. Earth Strength. Increases the amount of health of a character or ally for a certain percentage during a particular time period. With the skill upgrading, its effectiveness and duration increase.
  6. It has many builds, hard is not to be a mediocre Paladin.
  7. Dk is much better than Paladin, either in PvP or PvE. We are giving you answers about the best classes, if you wanna go with Pala, visit the Paladin section :*
  8. Actually, I'd like to have the option to visualize online users -guests as well.
  9. Ah, é mesmo lamentável que uma classe que era tão boa de se jogar no passado tenha se tornado tão fraca. O rogue perdeu muito a sua identidade no Warspear, que agora parece ser um jogo só para tanques fodas e classes mágicas com habilidades abusivas. É uma pena mesmo, por isso eu jogo de shaman hoje em dia. Do jeito que warspear muda tanto de tempo em tempo, ainda é possível que inventem algo louco pra ressuscitar a classe. Difícil pois eles estão se dedicando muito as novas classes agora, mas nada é impossível. Na minha opinião rangers e regues precisam mesmo de umas melhorias. Vamos torcer pra isso.
  10. Thanks! It helps our adms a lot when players provide the precise data. I can't say for sure that they will have time to check your logs soon, but It's much easier now :)
  11. EU-Emmerald, right? Yesterday 19.04.2017 at 10-11pm CET?
  12. Hello! Once I've never heard about bug with signs, I'd say it was misclick. Anyway I moved your topic to the appropriate section, please provide: • Nick of your character + server • Aproximate time (Central European Time) when your staff returned to +6 If the adms can't check this for you here, you should contact the support team to investigate the situation.
  13. Isso é uma decisão dos desenvolvedores e está muito além do meu alcance, lamento :/ Tell me your secrets
  14. True. My sarcastic question was precisely about Elabeast being checked personally instead of the standard procedure with the support - which either resulting in effective measures or not, shouldn't be discussed on forum, I probably misinterpreted Niht's words '-' Anyway, if I can't say anything beneficial about it, I better shut up :D sorry ♡ :*