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  1. Aкasha

    Guess the celebraty, My country edit.

    Tim, time for a personal joke 😄 1. Where am I from? (I bet you didn't know) 2. What statue is that? 3. What movie does this scene belong to? Have you watched?
  2. Aкasha

    Guess the celebraty, My country edit.

    look at his hands, he's surely italian 😄 Hig's got this gentleman style, now it makes perfect sense 😋
  3. Congratulations guys! 🍻 And thanks all for joining the contest! Too bad I didn't see any supportive arts in any of the winner stories - that would've been great 😄 If you wish to read one last story and have my costume concept in game, please follow the link below: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/57600-octopus-of-azure-rings/ don't forget to leave your opinion 💖(perhaps, there's still time to add it to the next update)
  4. Aкasha

    Preços abusivos no Market

    I even thought about adding the fact that Emerald legion is the best server for 'playing free' atm, in my opinion. Has it been even cheaper in the past?
  5. Aкasha

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    1 . Yes. 2 . I practiced for many years dancing, swimming and jiu-jitsu. Nowadays only biking and ice skating 3 . Football: Brazil / Flamengo Jiu-jitsu: Gracie academy - What is your star sign?
  6. Aкasha

    HELLO! :)

    Welcome 😊 I hope you have a great time, let me know if you need any help
  7. Aкasha

    Preços abusivos no Market

    O que você obseva hoje são jogadores vendendo items comprados com moedas milagrosas pelo valor de conversão + taxa de lucro. O que pode ter acarretado o aumento dos valores: 1- pouca oferta e muita procura (poucos jogadores compram moedas e dominam os preços do mercado pois há muitos jogadores para comprar, não importa o valor); 2- com o crescimento das ações anti-fraude, jogadores que compravam moedas de forma ilegal e revendiam itens no mercado a preço muito inferiror para obter gold rapidamente, já não jogam mais e agora para jogadores free-to-play existe uma grande distorção na percepção de valor dos itens; Devido a estas mudanças na economia do jogo, os preços podem levar um pouco de tempo para chegar à um novo equilíbrio. Seja paciente, pois em breve haverão muitas mudanças boas para os jogadores brasileiros em geral, que serão implementadas gradativamente no jogo. 😉
  8. Can't wait to hear the best Legends of Arinar to be announced! Good luck folks! 
  9. Aкasha

    Ajuda quest

    Lamento pelo inconveniente, que bom que por fim você conseguiu completar a missão. Mesmo assim, se puder me informar o nome do mob onde você conseguiu o item, fica mais fácil pra eu informar para a equipe de TI para que eles resolvam esse problema. Obg 😊
  10. Aкasha

    Cheapest char to make

    In a Free to Play reality, I still think tankers are a very good choice. Because their equips are sold by considerably low prices and once you get a decent set, there will always be dungeons and bosses to farm, increasing your chances of obtain a free loot.
  11. Aкasha

    Low quality text...

    Problem solved
  12. Aкasha

    Ajuda quest

    A quest fica no mapa 1? Legião ou Sentinelas? Poderia especificar e enviar uma captura de tela para que eu possa tentar descobrir o que está acontecendo?
  13. I love the teeth missing part, good luck
  14. Aкasha

    Dungeon Tree mitic Impossible

    Let me make it clear: everything is tested before its release and developers are aware of the mechanics. I'm sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations. Please follow the News & Anouncements if you'd like to receive any updates regarding future changes in dungeons (if there will be any). Plus, you're always welcome to post your ideas in the *Suggestions* page whenever you think you can improve the game, our developers will read and consider your thoughts. I'm going to close this topic because our support team can't help you when it comes to game development 🙂 I'd appreciate your comprehension.
  15. Aкasha

    Just a random question regarding one expert skill.

    weird indeed, I don't recall devs changing any skill behavior without posting on the news. 🤔