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  1. lol.. excuse me. I don't know what is diablo and I really don't know what its looks like.. that creation is purely IMAGINATION. I don't copy anything from anywhere. OK?
  2. I think u need some eye glasses.. both drawing are so difference.. lol
  4. DEMONADO SON OF DEMON after the long war against elf and mountain clans there was a boy name jado who is abandoned because of war. His mother and father left him to join thebwar and his no one left. His an only child so his all alone. The last words that his father left to him that for now was still confused him "my son please do understand our decision, this is for your own good. We need to help for the sake of our peace in land and no lives will no more be died. We love you always remember that." A tight hug and kiss from his father and mother give to him for the last time. After the war no one go back from their town. That's what he make his dicison. He left his town and find his father and mother hoping their still alive. Why they need to sacrifice they can just let the war and blive this town. That all he always say from himself. He hates the leaders for using their people to sacrifice just to have althe powers they want and its not by the peace they want. From every place he passed by he see many dead people and heads hanging everywhere. Specially kids who died..poor child why they need to die, who a heartless and inhuman do this. He want to cry for him but he cant. Nothing will happen if he cry beside they will not revive and be live again. He run and run he was mad!he hate this. After a long run he didn't know he go to the dark wood. Too bad for him once he comes in to dark wood his memory will lost because of his hatred. He got lost. He don't where to go. He keep on walking, while his walking someone grab his hand he got terefied from the one who grab his hand. His skin is so cold and a goody man good thing he bring a knife while living their place. he get his knife, he point it to the one who grab his hand that until no still holding it. "Relax my dear child!don't be scared, I'm here to help u. I guess u are lost and I like the way ur eyes speak" the hoody man said. "who are you! And what are u doing here! Let me go!" A loud laugh that a hoody mand give, he loss the grief from the child hand and wave his two hands from the air for the sign that his surrendering himself. " should be the one to ask about it to u child. Who was a child doing her in this kind of place. What is your name by the way." The hoody man ask. The child god confused he don't know what to say. His memory lost. "I..I doonnt remember my name, and I don't even know who am I" the child said. "Poor little child, come with me and I will make you strong." The goody man said. The hoody man offer his hand to the child and the child sontbhesitate to grab it. The hoody man wave his hand to the air and a portal appeared. They come close to portal and the portal brought them to a new place. Its a dark place! "Here we are my child, for now on u will me child and our name will be demonado. You will be strong like as mine. No one can defeat us.". Demonado feel safe from the place and from the hoosy man. " thank u so much."."I am your father now my child". After 15 yrs demonado grew stronger and stronger. He trained himself a lot to fight and killed. One day his father come to his training. "Good day my son, I guess this is the moment, moment to use your power against human." "What is it father?why I need to do that? something happened?" Demonado said. Human was su cruel, they are being too much. They are attacking us. U need to defend our people and place. Go kill them my son for us." Demonado spread his wings. "As you wish my father I won't let those human come over us" demonado left their place with a promise to his father. He will kill and spread evilness to the humans, he brings some of his monster to be his minions. Once demonado let his power to be shown. Human got scared from what he did. Many lives are sacrifice just to kill him but no one who could kill him! His bad as hell and his power! Help warrior. People of iselnort needs you. ATTACK/SKILLS demonado automaticaly produce fire between its horns called fiery haze that scattered within its range . its long tail contain poison that will cause loosing some health points in certain period of time. he also makes fireball by its hands
  5. whats up guys!!!!!! this is photo entry for the contest.. its summer here in philippines and its so hot . well aside from that i want something new. im not too masculine or goodlooking. but i want to boost my self steem by joining this contest. its my first time. negatives and possitives comments are welcome. thank u
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