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  1. But i see how u guys really r. Ne person with sencable knowlegde can see ur favortism. M not say mine is the best but there were better zzzzzzz. i will no longer participate in ne off ur forum events or vote for ur game. I dont favor ppl who r unfair to the fact. May god forgive ur unfairness n selfish ways.
  2. Do we get to pick our boss as a costum wen contest is over n have won
  3. Roland someone wins can they have a costum of there boss
  4. I tried make topic but cant post my picture
  5. The fallen general Once long ago, there was a great paladin warrior named maverick the great. A general of all elf n war leader. The general loved the art of war, could defeat any enemy boss or war. As year passed, the generals envy of war and of himself only stirred him the wrong way power got to his head thinking nothing could beat him.his envy eventually turned him against his own people, killing whoever stood in his way or challenged him. He now has no sides. He is know and will forever bee know as maverick the fallen general. He lies somewhere in ayvondle in a secrete cave on the outski
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