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  1. treeofsavior.com Log-in with your gmail account and claim the code for this shitty korean weeb pedo grindfest. It's pretty cool.
  2. We really have become a meme dream team. Now we need to get remaining three members of Elite 6 to join. Also, VIDEOGAMES
  3. Or maybe you start thinking for yourself instead of asking devs to hold your hand during every trade? Every kind of "extra security" is just a nuisance when two honest players want to exchange. Just use your brain.
  4. I thought this was a thread about politics, not yet another atheist circlejerk. Some dudes believe, some prefer to not. I believe, if you want to prove me wrong I can whip out my fedora images and we'll turn this thread into shit, but I'd rather stick to politics. I laugh every time. "muh 9/11!". Hilarious. Two planes weren't enough.
  5. Oh yes great idea, let's add pets that heal you all the time. I mean, I played RotMG in the past, and when they added exactly the same feature, game pretty much died. But Warspear will be different! Okay thanks for posting le funny memes, but what's your point? To make yourself look dumb? smh
  6. The guy I was responding to listed small MMOs without dye features, and to play on equal ground, I listed small MMOs with dye features. On top of that, Warspear itself is a small MMO. "Shitty" is subjective. But you could bring up better examples. WoW is now a husk of its former self, nowhere comparable to what it was when it was big. Nobody talks about WoW nowadays, right? And, WoW has transmog system now, which lets you change how your gear looks. Same with Silkroad, game is irrelevant in today's market. While we're at it, why not bring up text MMOs from 90s? Those didn't have dyes either, right? Times have changed kid. Older games did not have dyes, because of the technology limiting them. Nowadays, it's very simple. Grow up, get some programming or game development experience, then you can come and comment.
  7. I played Final Fantasy XIV, Realm of the Mad God, Spiral Knights, Runes of Magic, Monster Hunter, Tibia, Wurm Online, Project Gorgon, Terraria, and all of those let you change color of your armor. There is a lot of ways to implement it, even if armors are multicolored.
  8. I played during like 0.4, it wasn't beta anymore as far as I know.
  9. Devs see all suggestions. They don't respond anymore because it's more trouble than just letting it die. Don't worry if some people tell you it's terrible. All that matters is if devs like it or not. And especially don't care about people who claim to have more experience in game development than devs themselves, and say things require too much work or it's impossible.
  10. Costumes cost way more than 150mc. There are only 5 (6 if you can use shield) visible armor parts. Why would you paint rings. It's not hard, it'd require slight recoloring of existing armors, and giving them a color layer, in the same manner as hair works. Well maybe the problem is that the game has this indie look to it, and some of you are turbo-hipsters who think indie games have to look terrible.
  11. Final Fantasy XIV. It's second most popular subscription-based MMO right now.
  12. Is this your first MMO? It's pretty common nowadays. This is a social game, people want to look nice. You could say the same arguments against costumes themselves.
  13. Azebu

    Sulla vs Azebu

    Girls with male reproductive organs are still girls. Great buzzwords pal, seems you're out of arguments and are just trying to stir up some drama.
  14. Azebu

    Sulla vs Azebu

    People act like people? Holy shit, stop the presses! What do you expect from us. It's like you went to an anime convention and were surprised everyone there is a loser. We are a group of friends connected by shared interests, but we all have different views on things. Actually I see that we're very different from the usual echo chamber of feel-good and political correctness. Like for example, me and Sulla are pro-immigrant, but everyone else is a damn racist shitlord who thinks they need to be hanged, smh. Or how Sulla rapindecently touched those two girls, I don't judge. He did a bad thing, but he's still my friend, you just don't judge fetishes of others. Instead of using generalizations, and saying "you arr rook same", point out something different that makes US better than us.
  15. Well, we have my top quality post and a post of some other high class handsome gentleman. How are you doing lad? I haven't seen you around for a long while.
  16. No need to be this offensive. Familiarize yourself with concept of Poe's law. r0land was making a tongue-in-cheek statement. As for me and my good old pal Suleiman, can you please explain what sort of drama are we making? On top of that, we don't report each other (well, I don't at least, unless it's in sarcastic manner), and we don't threat to do it, we claim we already did that. Which we didn't, so it's a lie, or sarcasm. In result, muting us would be really uncool and probably abuse of your moderator privileges.
  17. This. It's just there to prevent most oblivious people from giving away their stuff and then making devs work harder by sending 100+ mails asking for help. They won't ban anyone for sharing, but they won't help if you get outsmarted either. I think they ban for selling though. Especially RMT sales.
  18. Reported for announcing a report.
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