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  1. That is.. weird indeed. Perfect, Just what the Great Ones wanted. Another sellsword for the win. Galing. *thumbs up*
  2. Cracks me up more than once. *laughs* There you go.. The sellswords' chief has his hands on the price already. *slams the table*
  3. The "awkward moment seal" got me. *laughs* Yep, better than trying to defeat both the champions and the beasts of Arena.
  4. Originally, "Blue Cheese".. Y u do dis? *frowns*
  5. The Sun Earcorn too. It made me cry.. No tables, no bar, no music. I want to tear off the sign outside.
  6. And there I were, waiting for the Prince to return.. Somehow I felt lost. *pouts* I'm going to find those Dragon Balls and make you return. *laughs* Oh well, best of luck with your new road. Edit: Image re-sized.
  7. Owl?! *heavy breathing* Exciting as always, Great Ones. And the solo dungeon.. perfect for a "lone wolf" like me. Gotta sharpen this dull sword. *vanishes*
  8. Leap day.. Ya know. Every 4 years, February thingy. *grins* EDIT: Oh, Lady Livi answered this already. *smiles*
  9. The moment they stopped attacking the mutants, I doubted them already. Well, we're at war brother. Trust is a very tricky thing.
  10. Even though the Legion finally have the access to use bows and crossbows, the Sentinels will never know the feeling of having a rare decoration on their bags and become someone to laugh at in world chat when they acquired such useless drop. I say.. I like the idea of Panchen's One-handed staff/scepter (or simply wand) plus the Orbs, and also Ninja Owl's Grimoires.. A fitting combi for dps caster. Well, I'm losing hope, great Sage Noso.. Mine is, will there be a new place after the completion of Ayvondil like.. in the sky? ( Oh, and place the new swamp-like quests here,
  11. Oh forgive me, I'm off-top. Well then.. Brace yourselves. "SPRING IS COMING" *poses like Eddard* (Too much life force. Forsaken prefer the greens rotting.)
  12. Heh, a very old one. But then, rouge.. a highlander, is similar to Chosen.. only the flesh is burnt frozen, not burnt toast. *laughs* Oh spare me that grim face, Chosen lad. Look at me arms.. No flesh at all. *snorts* Point is, Forsaken.. Pale skin, cruel smirk, deadly glare.. And skulls. Skulls are cool. *smiles*.
  13. Aye, it has always been the other Alliance.. Can't blame them. Fair skin, silky hair, pretty faces.. perfect figures. *shrugs*
  14. That's Vitamin BT for you. Here you go. [Velvet Beer]
  15. Heh, then again.. Most tongue will break words such as to why do we need to find logic over a game realm. Beats me, my imagination won't be at peace if I won't. *chuckles* But yeah, maybe it's their actual size. That's why they're the "BOSS", aye? One must be unique to become one. Physically, most of the time.
  16. Fair enough.. I remember Demonologist used to have the same size as ours. It doesn't indeed have the intimidation as the large ones that followed in Secret Sanctuary until he had his new come-back appearance as Sam's guard. The thought just bugs me. I wanted to draw Raven with me dancing his "War Dance" but forfeited the idea because I wasn't sure if he's twice my size or just a regular feathery guy. Alright then, Until someone from the TEAM says otherwise, they are huge creatures for me. My thanks to you, the Spaniard.. or so I heard them call you as such? *salutes*
  17. Just a quick question.. Are the bosses we fight actually that large, or they're just bigger in game to show their details? Except Kronus, of course. Gratitude. *raises beer mug*
  18. Props to the videos.. Popcorns to the arguments.. and "Achievement Unlocked" Because I actually read all those bloody pages. Oh, don't mind me. I'm just.. err.. hanging around? *chuckles* Ehe, I don't really have something good to say, so.. I guess I'll just.. *vanished* EDIT: My comment was supposed to be long but I figured that.. I'm too lazy. *grins*
  19. Wild Duskull appeared. The Sage, Noso. *vanishes*
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