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  1. "Panic". Spell, casting a fear effect, making enemies run away. Hitting them will stop the effect. if anyone would know something about this skill plz post it here. How this skill work, how much points its worth
  2. lol no teamwork?? we play same game? 2nd nightmares is best single disable target skill in game better learn more about this game and than write something on forum
  3. but shwield gives you +15% to def and magic def and good for tank block status. Its good combination with ds
  4. you dont need to be +9. You just need to have fun
  5. if u complete daily quests ins and swamps some lab quest sell one or two items to daily quests for about 1k you can earn ~10k gold it gives about 300k per mount but you need to spend some time in game + lucky from tower or swamps
  6. what should i choose full gt (3k hp ~25% crit 9% acc) or mix this with violent storm arm and gloves (2,5k hp 26%+crit and 13% acc)) plz advice me @}- or maybe someone have better idea??
  7. about chosen island and forsaken i can say this: forsaken map isnt the hardest (it just take long time but its easy u only runing from place to place) chosen is fcking hard very difficult quest many ppl wchich playing chosen 1st time just give up. i think mc and elfs are both easy (i can solo lvl up mc from 1-12 in 6-8hours )
  8. hm when u cast double deathly eye and use than poison shwield and poison split target ll get two stacks of poison + poison shwield dmg??
  9. u think only about pvp .... this game isnt 1v1 game 2nd necro is support
  10. I can say this: amount of hp losing is ok but bigger problem is when u cast shwiled or heal ur character stop walking. Its big problem when u try to cross many moobs, escape from enemy player or in swamps where mobs have big dmg (and captured shaman map). I have an idea. This dmg cost should be called "true dmg". It mean necro loss amount of hp but necro dont stop walking and this ll be much better. What u think about this guys??
  11. 1st buff wchich is needed is change in hp costs on heal and shwield skill. I dont mean this cost is too much cost is too much but when u walk and cast skill your necro stop for moment. its annyoing when you run away from mobs, u escaped them and u cast shwield and mobs again can hit u. Its very big problem on pvp cave or in swamps. Devs its should be like a true dmg (ur necro lose hp but he dont stop walking) pls
  12. 1st learn play this game 2nd delete this game ...
  13. sry, yes that was my fault. i was reading this in hurt. sorry again :[
  14. omg u cant read?? now barier is activating by atacks ~3-5 after update when u cast any skill u ll get stack to activite barier (after update not only auto atacks but skills ll active barier)
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