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  1. There is nothing to be discussed in this topic as banner is without a doubt a priority for a pala
  2. That is true i agree but ill still do my report on it and try to make my rates as accurate as i can. Also the results may not be as accurate as the programmers do use computers to create a satisfactory system which would provide the company with the most revenue yet keep some clients happy because they were stupid enough to waste so much money into this useless game like me ; Furthermore, I'll ask my professor if he is willing to help me and apply some of his useful skills and experience into such a worthless but interesting group of data. Until then since you speak like you have some sense why dont you perform your own studies and compete with me on getting the best results towards this distribution of data.
  3. I'm guessing u care cause you brought it up Its very possible to get accurate calculations of the ratings that are related to each amp lvl and i bet you that not even the creators know they're own ratings and thats why they say its random all the time
  4. Lol nabnecro nice explanation of something you couldve actually done an observation about and created a research paper but, from what i read all u said was "there is an approximated chance out there but idk wtf it is so ill make u feel stupid with these big words" In all seriousness though, this is and interesting topic and i believe that I may decide to make a research paper about it since one is required for my current statistics course at a local university in which i have a perfect score btw So if yall would like to know some roughly accurate rates per lvl of amp keep posting whatever it took you to achieve each amp and ill use everybit of info in my research. Dont worry about posting a ridiculous amount of signs that it took you for +10 as it is not impossible to occur in the realm of possibilities and it would be related to the saying " once in a blue moon". Maybe ill demotivate you all from wasting money in the game after i have sufficient data to create an accurate diagnostic and ill be able deface those crooks working for Aigring Well enough of all that blabbering so to get my spear to +9 from 0 it was around 50 - 60 sets of sign if im not mistaken and so far ive invested around 30 sets towards +10
  5. A pic of me from 2 years ago. I havn't changed much
  6. Just me testing out my new spear thanks to sweetmandy's help
  7. Despair, Lol oops well its too late now anyways here are my stats
  8. Any paladin is welcome to post their stats here. Don't be shy we all want to see whatever you've got and you can post any additional unique information about your paladin. Ex. My paladin has highest block % in my server or my paladin or my paladin has the highest crit. Something like that and also don't forget to post your stats
  9. I love crit healing 1.1k max i have ever healed with priest aura and i think magic power card with merman aura is 1400 or something like that
  10. I'm #1 pala in my server i believe and i think this nerf is great. I mostly pvp so this nerf helps me more with 1v1. Thank you for nerf devs
  11. Roland i believe you should analyze the banner more closely as how it affects mobs. For example the banner wouldnt be as helpful in spawn as it would aggro mobs onto you and there would be almost no point to using it besides its boost which would be weighed out by the survival of the party.
  12. Can i be nominated for best paladin?
  13. I can't believe no one has made a post about the glitch involving one of the recent skills sun seal. Anyways when i use sun seal and heal the little bit i can when i die i end up with some life left over that i am almost certain is the life gained from the skill. Mods should really check this out, it gets annoying when u almost win a battle but your hp isnt correct due to this glitch and die with enough hp to have taken the hit and been able to heal and or fight back and win.
  14. Such a narrowed-minded post this guy really is getting annoying i see him everywhere posting some of the most selfish answers or opinions i dont really care it just shows something that really changes other peoples attitudes towards this guy named absalom
  15. I think they should look over all the classes and revitalize a balance so that +10s have equal chance to win vs any other +10 or any amp. So nerf all that need it and buff all that need it as well. stealth bless ham banner op skills every class cry about each other knowing that if it were balanced it wouldnt be too interesting since amp would be the fighter but also skill would determine the best. Sorry for the bad grammer kinda in a hurry
  16. So i finished amping my new gear last weekend so here are the pics
  17. I'm not sure if my setup is unique but im sure its one of the top. Purify; 3 foj; 5 heavenly light; 5 banner; 4. The rest of the skills are 1
  18. Can anyone tell me if there are certain drop rates from each boss/instance or if there is a drop table which works in a way in which there is a random spin and there are certain areas for rare items. Idk if this made sense but could a gm respond please and thank you.
  19. This is my new spear i wonder what i can crit at +10
  20. Lol really jay so your expecting a skill that does 500dmg throught the whole time its up *Z* come on lol anyways i've said before maybe one of the three components that make up the banner should be nerfed but not the whole skill or not. I'm high amped and i still can't kill shamans with lower amp than mine.
  21. LOl I have done so many arenas in the last 2 days and havn't used my banner in most of them and my team would always win. I think a reasonable solution to this would be to nerf one of the properties of the banner like the radius or damage etc. Also another possible solution is to just limit the amount of banners that can be placed at one time to 1 and also have a time penalty before the other paladin can use their banner. One more thing is that maybe devs are trying to make battle advance to a different level since all this new gear coming out increases phy def and mdef a good bit if amped. Maybe they won't nerf the banner so that they can give mc's an equal or better skill next update.
  22. This is trash i went to buy google play cards like i normally do but apparently the offer doesn't work with google play wtf. Fix this pls until then you won't receiveany money from me :diablo:
  23. This post is getting sillier every day. No one is perfect so therefore not everytime will the person controlling the banner place it in the right place. Arena teams are changing their tactics in 5v5 now. The whole team aims for the paladins solely which can help their whole team out if they do it correctly just how yall say that if and only if the paladin is experienced at placing the banner in the right places. I've destroyed teams with many paladins before and its not because they messed up where they placed the banner but it was because we teased them into placing the banner before which anyone can do even mc.
  24. I was there to place my banner, my friend hit the crit with the spear on the 1st page. :good:
  25. Lol i use the banner in arena most of the times and i hardly ever hit anybody over 350 dmg unless they are really crap amped but other than that, my magic power is 232 but it doesn't kill as bad as you think it would. If 2 palas team up yes of course it is easier to win but who says other team can't run away or provoke the pala to use the banner before everyone gets near. I wonder how gm will react with this the skill has changed the the aspect of a paladin's usefulness and also i have pvped many people and lost as well mostly to bds since they are getting really useful skills every update. :)
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