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    tictoc reacted to nabnecro in Panic or infection?   
    If by PvP u mean 1v1 then it goes like this:
    infection = better against healers.
    panic = better against other classes.
    Unfortunately there's no optimal build for all situations.
    For example against druid it's better to have points on spit (or eye) and infection, while vs BDs it's better to have points on shield and panic.
    Depends on the class you hate most, I hate BDs so I built my necro accordingly.
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    tictoc reacted to Morgana in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    No offense, you and your guild are noobs and gankers And if you are the warlord..you actually are supposed to win all wars
    Congratz for 0-0 mc look you can stand versus elves there's no need to complain about wars
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    tictoc reacted to r0land in Bugs Report in v5.4/5.5   
    somehow Philippines has a problem with traffic to our servers, we're now working on this issue.
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    tictoc got a reaction from Turtle in [2015.06.08] Preview: Warspear Online’s 7 years anniversary!   
    nice, happy birthday Warspear i missed the last Christmas event and now i have a chance to participate in this event. i was take a break after halloween event i spam stamina elixir for dungeon but only got 1 good/trash rare drop.........     while i live in Legion land  
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    tictoc reacted to xxdeaathxx in THE POWER OF ELF = OUTNUMBERED & OVERPOWERED   
    ady is totally right, weird tht only elves attacking him, i did few war in the past & elf had like 2k players attacking & 2k players defending while mc barely got 500 players defending... mc attacking?? how? it s impossible, we have no ppl & all ppl know it.
    Wanna another exemple? look at the number of the pro & active guild in elf side compared to the number of the mc pro & active guild.. mc got only a good guild, the sithlords, we can have 60 ppl & i can t even recruit & have a full guild cos mc side lacks of active ppl & players.
    & don t come & tell, just bring ur @ss to elf side, cos it's not the right solution.
    Control points update is atm the biggest bs ever seen so far on my opinion.
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    tictoc reacted to lliilillil in Worst arena map!   
    i like this map more dn lava
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    tictoc reacted to Nosotraes in Merry Christmas & Happy New Year   
    Well, the mc side is still stronger, amd only high-amped bd's can kill any class, not like mine, im +1. You also asked why a tank was able to beat up everybody. A tank is heavily armored and/or has a lot of hp. I do agree with all the points, but the mc side has area stuns, like dark circle frpm lock and earthquake from a shammy. One can stop an entire army from passing. Also, merry christmas:)
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