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  1. "Youuuu made me come out of my shell, Roly You give me strength when there was only fear I ate at Burger King today, Roly And stood up to a boy who called me queer When you pushed me off the diving board, I fell And you make the world a nicer place, Roly So I can come out of my shell" hah good one
  2. Roly says that's how pvp works
  3. dogs are for weak people.. I have carnivorous snails Save the amazon rainforest or discover another habitable planet?
  4. The changes in enchantment seem troubling, but I guess i'll wait until the actual changes are made to see how game changing they are. New ferosity scrolls in arena shop, that's um.. great, the world could always use more overpowered heroes Apart from that, am hyped, from the looks of it this might be my new favourite zone,is bright and sunny, do dark elves suffer from vitamin D deficiency?
  5. I guess that was to be expected, the thing is powered by electricity and he was charging it with ball lightning.
  6. Niantic is known for mass banning cheaters in Ingress for using fake gps to play the game, a player recently posted on the sub that he got banned for doing just that on pokemon go, so use it at your own risk. Favourite time of day?
  7. You get roofied by an old lady with a weird apple I wish for a Nobel peace prize
  8. The ingredients to his homemade baby oil contain 0.9% real baby
  9. Hopfully reaching 100 catches on my dex What's the highest thing you've ever climbed?
  10. Slowed but not stopped confirmed! New skills next update, calling it.
  11. Which is worse? White house down What have you invented?
  12. People deleting their friends' accounts wtf...
  13. You're his first opponent I wish to remember what I forgot
  14. She hates us after what we did Was it the right thing to do?
  15. From what I know the developers helped in making the database. The calculate would be difficult to make without their input. But either way they won't be making it a feature of the game, just adding a way a to get to it easier.
  16. I have a feeling someone in the russian forum has already suggested this: Add the Knowledge Base of Warspear Online( http://ws-db.ru/) to the 'contacts' section of the ingame menu (or some where else). I only learned about the database because I went to the specific topic in the general section of the forum. It's extremely useful and this will make it easier for more people to find. There's a new dealer feature that allows people to place ads of items they want to sell or buy. Looking at it you can tell that a lot of players in the Russian servers are aware of the database(obviously because they made it), but hardly any in the other servers.
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