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  1. lmao swaaz complained over nothing and had reason when you scammed urowak... you dont like it when people want stuff fixed for their class and then call me the swaaz person... 'Im a mod and i dont like it when you say stuff regarding the game but i do like it when my buddies are involved hue hue' Is daria considering a modderator shuffle? because under these circumstances id think it'd be for the best
  2. humanbeing #1 weak rogue i killed him with a level 3 chopper
  3. lmao you talk like as if i were to give a crap. besides ...arguing on forums is wrong now i guess...especially when the topic is about buffing a classes defensiveness and when you previously argued against the logic for another class... played all classes I guess thats the limit ta ta
  4. btw anything those dks have done could have been done by any melee on mc.... even by a good rogue
  5. ah so getting a skill that gives life steal is the only defensive a tank needs and why compare satu to shield....reserve and shield were simultaneously released and yes i called you a hypocrite and was questioning upon that fact....or am i not allowed to be passive agressive as well? besides you can barely play any class..wonder why you're judging
  6. "reserve needs buff because my 900 heal with 10% chance of working is bad, me and every other dk on the russian side as well as US agrees" Poley : no, look at mecha he made the strongest hp regen build without vamp and kept it for...a day? stop whining people say they want to buff their class...i can deal....but when the same people disagree to the same idea of some other groups' what else am i supposed to call you?
  7. lol rage is garbage compared to stun XD
  8. Nah... If you played a melee you'd know things don't always go the way things are supposed to go down bug pos might get several adds on you and all the likes. Tanks like dk and barb have self heal skills that are.. Most of the time.. More reliable than necros heal.. Aka skill usage is vital...hurricane satu.. And the hp skill from barb along with roar... Good amped dks on Us took such a long while to do tp... Sskis already finished all tps on RU
  9. yes we also track our cd and are always of the fact that we need to put our pt before us - most tanks necro is repetitive......clicking shield heal over and over again doesn't take much skill as compared to running or boss farms especially in the newer towns where a tank has to be vigilant of his hp bar and stun usage (unless you're a barb) I could follow a tank and constantly heal easily..but being the tank himself and leading the way is where the real challenge is at PS coming from a person with 4 necros in almost every level bracket PPS by tank i mean any dps that leads i.e lone rogue, dk , paladin, lone ranger AND YES we do not have the free pot option that necros do
  10. lol wut..necro requires least skill in dgs...more of the fact that its pain stakingly repetitive
  11. PVP me ill beat ye nude m8
  12. I like the totem idea.. But instead of dmg or silence i would want a 'dmg down totem' similar to roar
  13. Druid song active rate @ 4/4 is very high useful in pve and pvp sham requires high amp to even solo bosses high cd is easy to come by but armour amp etc would be hard aka GO FOR DRUID
  14. +10-20 hp/mana regen +5% cd/dexterity +5% vampirism
  15. you're right, i bet i wouldn't need armour against you
  16. cap / ink is weaker than 5/5 stealth fails 70% of the time when i used on necro
  17. nah if you cant store two sets you dont need to..go farm irsel bosses or some shit stop pvping
  18. It's called spreading false info.....edit your post now
  19. Dopknight is a guy.. Loool xD
  20. yus and we dont have enough dmg+ls combo to support the def loss
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