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  1. Nope, it's an ancient elemental consisting of a shard of the Spear, flesh, sunlight and moonlight
  2. No, paladin is a tank class. It already has enough dmg skills
  3. Another look I imagined. More spirit like
  4. Wow this is cool. I almost feel bad of my lacking story and drawing This is the best one so far I think you will get to the top 5
  5. Just attach a file to your post? Below the textbox when editing/writing a post
  6. I had the same problem... Youtube.com is the answer
  7. You didn't explain anything later or did I miss something
  8. Really? Could you give me advice to improve it? It was a quick one, cos I thought it was pretty well visualizing a skill tree
  9. Skill tree unlocks new skills as you buy some. For example if rogue had a skill tree, you maybe wouldn't be able to buy poison blades before elusive jump. Another example: Blade dancer base skills / \ Rush Counterattack / \ / \ Enlightenment Magic Sonic Boom ??? Transformation You always get to pick one of the next skills This will not be the way skill trees are going to be in warspear. I just wanted to use skill names from warspear in my example to make it easier to understand. (Maybe there will be new base skills replacing old ones and you get to choose which one you replace)
  10. What? 1 million hp/10 secs, so 100 000hp/second. Yeah maybe not?
  11. What? Nah that's mage. Paladin is a tank class
  12. I know but the stats are the only thing we have and that is the only way to calculate the amount of drops. Of course it varies but even then after a long enough time the average will 1% drop change
  13. Could you write a story on forum too? That's kinda the point of this competition xD
  14. Yeah that's quite high? Say it takes 1h to kill the boss and for it to respawn, there would be a new suit about every 4,25 days. So in a month there would be about 7 costumes/server. Maybe move the decimal to left.
  15. Mmmm nice story. I didn't make so many details to my story as i thought it would be easier for aigrind to incorporate my boss to the lore when i win But after reading this I feel like maybe I should put some more information?
  16. You think devs are gonna make new skills for the boss to use? I only used skills that already are in game.
  17. Story of warspear That was my source
  18. Because you can kill rogues easily c:
  19. Multipost Please remove this post
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