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  1. Dk. have good defence,good HP, good buffs and skills for pvp and pve. DK can use the most powerfull weapon too: Spear. Good luck XD
  2. I got mint cookies. Yes. You can kiss me now.
  3. Hi. Every Warspear member know the [glow=red,2,300]Rocky Foothills Stairs[/glow], right? YES! The one that you see [glow=red,2,300]MANY elves blocking 24h per day. [/glow] The XMAS is here and some peoples know: [glow=red,2,300]On future, we will need finish CL to enter on dungeons and do others quests.[/glow] But it's hard to do with a Legion character. Rangers, paladins,mages, all of the elf classes keep blocking the stairs. There is many solutions for it, but i don't know why devs keep that stair. MC map is OPEN for elfs. I got on t1 mcs with my level 14 paladin, twice, but with my
  4. Heya! Nice to see another new player on warspear. Well, a lot of new players just stop playing or stay mad because can't find bosses/minibosses on level 14. So, i made an quick map to help others (and you). Have fun playing warspear! PS: I am MC, my nickname is kellfire.
  5. Lv 1 scatter shot is usseles for mobs, it only help on pvp, because peoples lose the target.
  6. kellfire

    funny stories?

    *In warspear*: Well, yestday, when i'm doing dairily quest, An mob just dodged all my hits. I think I will never forget it! On lasts 140HP, Dodge,dodge,dodge... GRGRRR that as really an brainstorm! I used skills but dodge dodge dodge dodge!! And finally, after about 18 hits, i killed him. :facepalm: I will never forget you, Panther
  7. I see many peoples asking where are some bosses/minibosses on caves. I made this simple map for help newbies locate bosses/minibosses for quest.
  8. Well, actually you can earn [Amber Pumpkin Piece[10 Pcs]] on the quest "Forgetful One" at Horror Circus. Rumors that the minibosses there drop too, but I never got nothing from that minibosses.
  9. Go to "Miracle Shop" in menu. You will see an item in offer and it's duration. When that time reach 00:00:00, Log off of the game and log-in again and you will see all quests reseted.
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    Help :)

    I made this for you, Hope it help.
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