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  1. Dk. have good defence,good HP, good buffs and skills for pvp and pve. DK can use the most powerfull weapon too: Spear. Good luck XD
  2. I got mint cookies. Yes. You can kiss me now.
  3. Hi. Every Warspear member know the [glow=red,2,300]Rocky Foothills Stairs[/glow], right? YES! The one that you see [glow=red,2,300]MANY elves blocking 24h per day. [/glow] The XMAS is here and some peoples know: [glow=red,2,300]On future, we will need finish CL to enter on dungeons and do others quests.[/glow] But it's hard to do with a Legion character. Rangers, paladins,mages, all of the elf classes keep blocking the stairs. There is many solutions for it, but i don't know why devs keep that stair. MC map is OPEN for elfs. I got on t1 mcs with my level 14 paladin, twice, but with my level 20 shaman i can't even pass tough the stairs. I know elves have a defensive position on warspear story (maybe this is why that stair exists), but the game is not like before. There is many players now, especially on elves side. I see friends stoping playing on mc side. I see peoples swearing on world chat insulting mcs. But you devs need to know that mcs are players too. Like elves, mcs want other way to do CL. All characters is really cool to play, but warlocks, rangers and shamans is the fav from almost all peoples (maybe some hate it because arena spammers, another problem on game). [glow=red,2,300]Spy, do arena, use the immunity status or try the luck going invisible is the others ways to pass tough the stairs.[/glow] I made some pics for you guys, so you can understand what i'm trying to explain. Ps: Sorry bad english, I am Brazilian. Ps: I'm not crying. It's just my opinion about that stair. As a MC player, I dont like it.
  4. Heya! Nice to see another new player on warspear. Well, a lot of new players just stop playing or stay mad because can't find bosses/minibosses on level 14. So, i made an quick map to help others (and you). Have fun playing warspear! PS: I am MC, my nickname is kellfire.
  5. Lv 1 scatter shot is usseles for mobs, it only help on pvp, because peoples lose the target.
  6. kellfire

    funny stories?

    *In warspear*: Well, yestday, when i'm doing dairily quest, An mob just dodged all my hits. I think I will never forget it! On lasts 140HP, Dodge,dodge,dodge... GRGRRR that as really an brainstorm! I used skills but dodge dodge dodge dodge!! And finally, after about 18 hits, i killed him. :facepalm: I will never forget you, Panther
  7. I see many peoples asking where are some bosses/minibosses on caves. I made this simple map for help newbies locate bosses/minibosses for quest.
  8. Well, actually you can earn [Amber Pumpkin Piece[10 Pcs]] on the quest "Forgetful One" at Horror Circus. Rumors that the minibosses there drop too, but I never got nothing from that minibosses.
  9. Go to "Miracle Shop" in menu. You will see an item in offer and it's duration. When that time reach 00:00:00, Log off of the game and log-in again and you will see all quests reseted.
  10. kellfire

    Help :)

    I made this for you, Hope it help.
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