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  1. Lifebreak

    Screen bug

    Restarting phone will fix it for temporary but it will happens again.. and for the record, u dont even need to restart ur phone but restart the game will fix it.. but the problem is, it happens many times, and while u are in the important situation, then the bug come, so how do u feel? for the example if u are a healer in lab or a tanker, u cant see anything then u die and all ur friends die... cool huh?
  2. Lifebreak

    Screen bug

    so is there any way to fix that in the future update? or just leave it alone? coz it is really annoying, especially while doing lab.. sometime the screen can be worst than the picture i uploaded.. it is like that green gradien square fills all the screen.. ouch
  3. Lifebreak

    Screen bug

    Im uploading the picture.. and have a trouble coz im using phone
  4. Lifebreak

    Screen bug

    This happened if we play the game long enough... Or if many pplayers gathering in one place.. Maybe it is a memory leaked issue? I used Samsung Galaxy Young GT-5360 , Android Gingerbread I didn't find any of this screen bug while using Galaxy S4 and PC
  5. Lifebreak


    this happened to my friend too, he linked joker card and blocked , is it something illegal?
  6. damn, this is very helpfull , thank you very much kellfire , and nice to meet you new friend :yahoo:
  7. hi there panchens the #1 pro player ;D :bad: :facepalm: nice to meet you, I saw you often on the world chat and making others mad, but to me it's kind of funny to watch :crazy:
  8. I play as DK in Mcs faction :) and I don't know much about this game yet... elf and mcs , I think they are both good.. what about yours?
  9. as I said, that was suggestion, and there was nothing wrong about it :) and Warspear is not being played in mobile only, it's available in PC too, I think you know about it
  10. Hello, I'm a new player and I love this game.. And after playing for a few weeks , I have a suggestion, hopefully it will makes warspear more excited 1. Please add the support of guild history, so we can see each day guild chat history, withdrawn or deposited item/gold log, I think it will be good because we can control who use the item and gold to prevent missing item.. 2. Dota is a very best game, and they have a replay saver in every match, my suggestion is to make the arena replay available in warspear, so we can save the replay and view it later, then we can boast it to others with the arena instead using a camcorder , screenshot or whatever.. We too can make a tutorial for the arena and many more 3. maybe making a screen size bigger , yeah this thing is very old but worthy 4. and the last is please reconsider my suggestion :facepalm: that's all my newbie suggestion :D
  11. Hello, Greetings to all master and pro , I'm new here, and i'm in US-SAPPHIRE :wacko: :wacko:
  12. I don't know if this is a right thread to post, but anyway i'm posting people who wants to scam I just don't believe there's still a scammer who believe my logon pass is "pleasesuckmydick" i'm sorry if my language is a little aggresive, just for fun :shout:
  13. well , Zutta and xxdrhousex is a pro player, I mean pro scammer :pleasantry: He will ask you to invite him to guild , and after a few days, he stole all of your items in warehouse. well, then he made a reason that he traded his account to drhouse and drhouse cancel the trade and gave back the account with all items i warehouse, then later, he'll sell your item..that's how he worked out :diablo:
  14. I was the one who witness the prince waraxe. I saw before the acc was hacked, physik shown us the item in the guild chat , and that is an awesome axe.. admin please read and process this!
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