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  1. qualquer classe heal druid priest shaman ou necromancer eu tenho um priest e ele é muito independente, consegue matar mobs de até 15k life no level 20 enquanto meu ranger 22 sofre contra um mob de 7k de vida
  2. i got level 22 yesterday wtf????????????????????????????? WHYYYYY ONLY ONE LEVEL? omg please level 22 get drops? okay? thanks
  3. lol i know game mechanics i not test in dummy, dummy have 0 defense, so penetration will do anything i test on mobs with some defense if i have 374 dmg and i hits 360, so the mob HAVE defense resistance but penetration of relic isnt working in blessing skill no blessing skill > hits 360 damage with blessing skill AND RELIC that gives 5% penetration damage on blessing skill > 360 damage
  4. Small Relic of Defense Ignoring > not working in ranger blessing for example, without ranger blessing i hit 360 (have a total 374 damage) with ranger blessing still hit 360 (where is the 5%?) bug?
  5. oh yeah so vampirism rune is cheap, 5k each oh wait... u can get horror itens, 5k each too oh wait... no way
  6. why i cant download the 4.2.2 version in the official gamesite? when i download and install, the game still in version 4.2, and i cant login in -.- FIX THAT PLEASE?
  7. sheldon

    Your ranger stats!

    my stats i will change the ring 4k AP left to arena weapon BUT WHO IS BETTER? BOW OR XBOW ARENA? (i dont have cash for ice rings, high amp, etc.) and i like a lot go to dungeon tower who is better in dungeons?
  8. make a priest level up to 18 go normal dungeon all day profit with kw sets, dd sets, etc
  9. I think 4 shield is sufficient since there is cooldown reduction in belt/staff
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