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  1. Bd = Lordlinden or myouren Range = Xxamitxx Druid = Fastearr Paladin = Zeusxelie or sweetmandy Mage = Skynete Priest = Behappyy Barbarian = Firemastar or Arenawar Rogue = Highwalker Shaman = Xxdeaathxx Dk = Dopknight Warlock = Wtfl Necro = Necromummy or cybernemm,Negativism would be but hes been inactive.
  2. Opossum In what country you would like to visit?
  3. Roland doesnt like u i summon my minion mustard
  4. Stun weps are still the best
  5. duck dota,cs go is the real thing
  6. Roland,there is some kinda bug in google play payments. My friend tried to buy miracles,he never received them but he lost all his moneys! He said that other guy also lost his money. Are u going to refund them or what? I saw u deleted his reply when he warned everyone else about the bug.
  7. Why i dont have those options on warspear client what i have on chrome? Im using the actual windows manager
  8. Koff

    Be a MERC!

    As a former Merc, i can say that i love elie
  9. Who here plays War thunder?
  10. This! Even tho i pvp more than do other stuff
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