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    Noh,Bd classista tullu viel op:mpi kun ennen ja muita vaa nerffaillaa.
  2. Been playing since 2011 on koff and i think its time to quit soon What you think about wars?
  3. Get a new one Where were you at new years eve?
  4. i beat physik in pvp ask jake himself and when me and and fastear pvpd,it never ended
  5. Would vote for you for sure!
  6. Finland won hockey world championship Sorry Admins Julia
  7. He can What would you do if you would get kidnapped by teletubbies?
  8. Will,u know dks stuns are so op when they works,They cant even touch u so its easy to beat with +4 wep as long as u keep them stunned
  9. Dont include me there My druid is ''outdated'' , cant do much without cd
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