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  1. I installed warspear v4.0 on my symbian phone but can't open it :(. I am using nokia E63 s60v3.....plz fixed it fast...
  2. Game version 3.11 is not working in symbian phones....i downloaded this version, installed it but its not opening..i dont know whats wrong..please fix this bug
  3. tubza


    Im new to this forum.anyone tell me what to do.
  4. we are struggling without mcoin to buy via sms
  5. [suspicious]hmmmmmmmmmm[/suspicious]
  6. I bought SD two handed sword for my paladin...and i tried to use...but i cant use it...
  7. Well, as we know that Norlant Swamps is a very huge place with 6 teleports, 3 on the side of Chosen/Firstborn and 3 on the side of Forsaken/Mountain clans that can take us to a random location. However, while playing with symbian phones at norlant swamps, travelling through the teleports about 6 or more times. Then after a few second your phone suffers force shutdown. Why? Well, I got the answer here. It is because Norlant Swamps uses high amount of net data charges, which overloads the symbian phones and so it shutdown automatically for cooling down. How will this problem be solved?
  8. Sir, me and my friends love to play warspear but it have become very difficult for us to play without miracle coins. Please make available here in india to buy miracle coins via sms. I, therefore, hope that you will be kind enough to grant me my humble request. Thank you sir
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