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  1. buying 2 x +8-+9 lv 13 swords for bd with skin ofc pm me price proffesor us saphire elf side
  2. selling - crossbow of holiday stealer lv 5 cbow buying: - +7-+10 armour for ranger lv 13 the one with health full set us-saphire pm rappedux , pheonixzz or respond here on forum
  3. completed no need for help anymore...
  4. lol mcs brag when they win complain when they loose get over it we have more players you have stronger classes seems fair enough
  5. Looking to buy+7-8 axes or swords lv 13 us saphire elf side tell me here on Forum [/s]
  6. warlock skill sounds good mainly because it can be used near 500 hp to regen skills for a last fighting chance
  7. im looking to buy a +4-7 longbow or runic on us saphire i prefer no skin pm sliceslice or leave a post here
  8. ok so i want to buy the lv 13 trustworthy moccasins does anybody have any +0-4 on mountain clans side us saphire for sale? tell me here on forum thanks ;D
  9. ok thanks i dont really care about saving money full dd it is
  10. forget the first question i lost my ranger forgot my email and i dont like support they take to damn long so i made a dk
  11. ok so i have a dk and its lv 15 i got the exp pots and gold for dailies so lving up to 18 is not a problem but whats better a hd set or dd set im stuck cause def is good but health regen is sorta good and they both have heal btw the dk at lv 18 wont use shield the next question would be best skill setup withough expert skills i think the dk expert sucks the last question what doom to get mace, spear, axe all 2h
  12. xso mythblade did own godsrange but it didnt last him to long to screw it up he sold the prince bow and then idk wtf happened to the acc but he dosent have it now
  13. ok so at first i was asking some questions this was old now i know what i need to know and ima buy a doom btw to the dude who talked about the lv 21 cbow ima stay lv 18
  14. i dont use expert skill is it really worth getting? ik most expert skills are shit except for rouge
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