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  1. I didn't focus on the armor because I haven't gotten my greatness set yet. but it can still be worn with the most convenient armor.
  2. @Ogull take a look to my post please. Im a fan of The Dk. ❤️
  3. Thanks for the help, i will edit that part.
  4. A few years ago, the death knight was known to be one of the strongest tanks in Arinar, today unfortunately we could not say the same, since thanks to the nerfs he has become one of the weakest characters in the game. overwhelmed by the druid's stun the death knight now has a better chance of fighting this. That is why I gave myself the task of devising the best possible strategy to bring him to glory again, I present ... ETERNAL DREAM SET Relics: These Relics will help give you a better chance of stun the enemy, in case your stun somehow misses the mark. It is
  5. Carrera de velocidad, resorte de mazmorra. ¡Jefe de nivel 20, daño insano!
  6. I think the correct translation would be: the enemy remains rooted a few moments. Definitely not 4 seconds of rooting in this video. Recording_2021-02-05-22-12-12(1).mp4
  7. Bom Dia, A minha pergunta é a seguinte. Há alguns dias fiz uma conta no meu celular além das duas que eu tinha, com essas seriam 3. mas fiz justamente porque só queria ter um personagem nele, o outro que não uso mais. Li nas regras que não se pode ter mais de 2 contas no mesmo dispositivo, mas na realidade só uso 2. a terceira descartei. tem algum problema com isso? Muito obrigado!
  8. Thanks for your time, i will try all the posibilities and then back here with a video.
  9. Di que es verdad, por favor @Akasha y di que por lo menos es en este año jaja, a ese mapa le hace falta algunas inovaciones.
  10. Bom día. existe um bot no servidor brasileiro. Eu anexo imagens. Verifique a hora. Spam.
  11. Good evening. There's a bot in the chat of Brasil server. I have some screenshots. I try to talk with him but not response. Check the hour of both images.
  12. Thank you Higgins, you are my hero :3
  13. no man, but at the moment i was changing to my principal account manthra facebook log me out, and i reset my password of facebook, but can not enter to my pj manthra. i send a mail to support. And since we are here, what are the bosses that I can farm in the lab being level 20? thank you
  14. Suddenly today I was playing like every day. And how it is allowed to play with two profiles on the same phone when changing my main character Manthra I got a message that the password or account was incorrect. But I had my profile saved. 😞
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