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  1. Ogull, I have a doubt. I was testing my emanation skill. And I think definitely the description you provide in the guide is wrong. 190% I don't think it's magic damage. Look at this video. Recording_2022-02-13-12-20-40.mp4
  2. Manthra


    Please tell me we dont need to get 3/3 on all to unlock the extra point.
  3. I can equip both of my weapons normally. But when I look at my inventory they don't show up. I send them a video where I equip and un-unequip and they do not appear in my inventory.
  4. Thanks, I'm sure that with this the death knight will be one of the strongest again.
  5. I didn't focus on the armor because I haven't gotten my greatness set yet. but it can still be worn with the most convenient armor.
  6. @Ogull take a look to my post please. Im a fan of The Dk.
  7. A few years ago, the death knight was known to be one of the strongest tanks in Arinar, today unfortunately we could not say the same, since thanks to the nerfs he has become one of the weakest characters in the game. overwhelmed by the druid's stun the death knight now has a better chance of fighting this. That is why I gave myself the task of devising the best possible strategy to bring him to glory again, I present ... ETERNAL DREAM SET Relics: These Relics will help give you a better chance of stun the enemy, in case your stun somehow misses the mark. It is recommended to use the aggression skill for its low cooldown and for the relic that suits you best. Skills: For this set, we will completely need stun skills, so my recommendation is as follows. The more this skill is improved, the more stunned the enemy will be. very important to equip the relic to extend the effect, You will have a better chance of saving the blow loaded with the exalation in case you miss. exhalation 5/5 + continuous effect silence stroke 1/4 (lvl22) If you are of a more advanced level you do not need to improve it further. sharp shadow 4/4, (equipping a stun set adds even more chance to stun. Example: sword 5% + shield 5% + skill 80% equals 90% chance to stun) Accessories: Thanks to the accessories from the spring event, we can further improve the cooldown of the skill, making these items indispensable in the construction of the set. I've got most of them so far, but I'm still missing level 22 rings, while keeping level 18 rings. I share some images. It is also very important to equip your rings with skill cooldowns. This part is very important, because the death knight has enough energy recharge, it is essential to equip a belt with cooling capacity but with an energy recharge crystal to balance the equipment and not run out of energy at any time. We also added some skill cooldown to our common armor. now let's see the skill cooldown we gather. In total, our cooldown will be enough to start an infinite loop of stun, at best you could kill an enemy without taking a single hit. Here I show you what this powerful set is capable of. and all this without the need to use weapons with skill cooldowns. remember to set the video quality to 420p With the desire to return the glory to the death knight, I say goodbye, wishing you a good game and happy holidays. ATTE: Manthra DK lvl22 - BR-TOURMALINE.
  8. Carrera de velocidad, resorte de mazmorra. ¡Jefe de nivel 20, daño insano!
  9. I think the correct translation would be: the enemy remains rooted a few moments. Definitely not 4 seconds of rooting in this video. Recording_2021-02-05-22-12-12(1).mp4
  10. Bom Dia, A minha pergunta é a seguinte. Há alguns dias fiz uma conta no meu celular além das duas que eu tinha, com essas seriam 3. mas fiz justamente porque só queria ter um personagem nele, o outro que não uso mais. Li nas regras que não se pode ter mais de 2 contas no mesmo dispositivo, mas na realidade só uso 2. a terceira descartei. tem algum problema com isso? Muito obrigado!
  11. Thanks for your time, i will try all the posibilities and then back here with a video.
  12. Di que es verdad, por favor @Akasha y di que por lo menos es en este año jaja, a ese mapa le hace falta algunas inovaciones.
  13. Bom día. existe um bot no servidor brasileiro. Eu anexo imagens. Verifique a hora. Spam.
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