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  1. go go fix bugs :D :clapping: :clapping: :drinks:
  2. hahah bro np at all .... :P i guessed tht u didnt know my other char... so its all cool bro ....... am still in the application i think or idk not sure lol :P
  3. bro i am kawwaii the shaman... lol remember me? :P .. we chated for a long time :D
  4. thanks abc fo still including me in the voting poll.... and for those guys who dont know me ill try my best and pm u guys so can know me better........ thx guys cheers :D
  5. the way he wrote it was epic :D :P
  6. idc abt the rewards bro.. i wanna be abc...... its all on ur choice if u guys wanna reward me or not i wont ask for it :) :good:
  7. Hay ABC .... few months ago i posted a request to join ABC i got 3 too 4 yes votes but then it just stoped and ppl moved forward... so basically my question is will i be invited or not??? .... i have some good frnds in ABC i would really love to join..... :drinks:
  8. warspear ..... y u do this :tease: :wacko: :crazy: :unknw: ..... LOL GET THE SERVER UP ADN RUNNING AGAIN .... AM SO FCKIN BORED XD
  9. xD ty bri and ty mbd..... and all those who r supporting me :D ...... BTW bri its me rapi not rapid xD :P ... still thank you :P :D ;) :give_rose: :good: :friends: :drinks:
  10. Hey guys its me rapikill...... i really love ur guild and alot of ma frnds r in ABC i would really be happy if u could recruit my shaman too... name is Kawwaii :D ...... i hope i get a positive reply ... TC guys have fun :) Chars: Rapikill>Rogue= lvl 20 Kawwaii>shaman= lvl 17 almost 18 joyfull>ranger=lvl 18 crushspear>DK=lvl 15
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