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  1. who cares about this ugly costume.dnt spam kid... BEST GANKER IN EU-EMERALD 2012/2015
  2. arflexx


    ignore u youdienoob
  3. arflexx


    if u want pvp find me in game Arflex 22shmn
  4. arflexx


    I dnt care kid this just a game and nobody cares about u retired...
  5. arflexx


    who may be interested in him if (youdieshit) is removed or not ... and vavavii're another who hates me and I could never win 1 vs 1 if you want pvp see me in the game and I'll kick your ass
  6. arflexx


    It is fine, but I do not need to please anyonenot concerned friends rather be alone, do not understand why everyone hates me if I'm a good person...
  7. arflexx


    nobody cares whether or not you go ... if juliasays that's because it's a stupid girl like you .... and I do not hate you just tell the truth...
  8. arflexx


    who cares? -stupid kid
  9. arflexx


    pvp cave best but many gankers Best ganker in EU-EMERALD
  10. arflexx

    My goodbyes.

    why should not you care ... to better see anddie with your family
  11. arflexx

    My goodbyes.

    u just a noob vavavii,better go die with ur family
  12. lol i say yes for pvp...u are noob also scammer.. I am the best ganker on eu-emerald
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