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  1. there is no way to hack someones account on war spear unless you share your info yourself. but for more information send mail to support team not here . admins sleeping for now not responding you haha
  2. maldita sea, hay demasiados vampiros lindos en el juego jaja🙉
  3. you have time until next mcoin item daily sale maybe!
  4. make peace and love instead!
  5. Character name in game : Pupymaster Server : Eu-Emerald Costume name : Thirsty puppy 😁 Well Just wanted to give it a try Gudluck to Me and all others❤😈
  6. Hossein

    Help me

    you better to play on other server instead of wasting your time alone on a empty server with no players lol
  7. Nice . at least a little good job even tho im not playing but sounds fun.
  8. They made those two animals very funny with that cloth on them.🤣
  9. jajaja simplemente puedes ignorarlos. No creo que haya una manera de ocultar si es un traje.
  10. sí, por supuesto, me pasó en mi cazador. Usé 13 millones de oro, pero el mío se amplió después de un arduo trabajo. Deberías probar un poco más, buena suerte.
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