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  1. Items name can't really remember but nice and server are kyriex EU-Emerald location happened ayvondil 1st map
  2. But no one logged to my acc how that happened =(
  3. Nono no1 logged to my acc the game was lagging and had to relog after that returned and couldn't find my items equipped nor in the bag
  4. I was playing in my acc then had to relod game then suddenly my weapon+rings+boots got deleted for no sense reason any idea how that happened....
  5. I beg u return it i wasted 3months for that weapon plz friends return it.
  6. I didnt know there was an item that protect from failing i swear...at least if u return my weapon would be gtatefull and I will put it on my mind to use signs when amping.
  7. I was trying to use sphere of damage enchantmet when suddenly my weapon dissapeared from my equipment and cant find it at bag so item named (staff of impending maddness) if u would return it back i would be grateful and thx.
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