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  1. error 404 : no succeeding question found; I'll take the previous post instead. It's because, it's easier to produce a square box than a round one. Did you ever have a love at Warspear? ( wtf )
  2. Nope, I think he's pointing out the poisonous blades by rogues. It indeed deals massive damage but only for a single enemy at a time.
  3. Maybe you're level 23 or 24? I've heroic yesterday my level being 22 and I got def spheres. But 2 of my party members reported that they didn't got any drop from box. Their level being 23 and other is 24. Well that seems to be the problem.
  4. Sorry I, too, forgot that lots of players are rich and just boasts. Earning 400k gold a month from scratch is just as poor as we.
  5. LOL absolutely not. Try to think Gollum wearing Santa Claus' fat dress. Would a BD exchange his hamstring for stealth?
  6. Increase resilience means getting arena armor. Maybe you forgot all arena armors gives HP? Oh yeah! Don't use arena gears and put resilience runes instead. So you think a puny 10% resilience will work? Not amplify armor- Oh seriously, do you ever think how much defence added to cloth armors by amplifying? Yep, I'm expecting you to say this. And, do you also think that doing quest everyday can give you +8? Please share me how to. Maybe if someone did, he probably have an outdated staff trying to amplify in his lifetime. Oh hey Cigma! Not my problem if you're a poor newb! I'll only give advice to those who are rich enough to amp high!
  7. As you can see, you can only jump once every 12 seconds. It deals a puny damage comparing to poisons. And for waiting 12 seconds to have a chance of dealing a critical strike is very lousy. I almost always have a critical during one of my poisons, like 2 out of seven to enemy heroes, and more if to mobs. And that's obviously better. And never ever jump can compete the damages dealt by poisons. Alright for a better understanding about the damage difference between the two skills, I've tested it out to the mob, Gray Key Keeper. They say lvl5 merc's damage is equal to lvl4 jump; which seems to be true. So here we go. My damage from merc in stealth with critical is 1625! and damage made by poisons in critical from stealth is 470! I do critical 3x. Other normal damage made by poison is 250, 7 dots. So (470x3)+(250x4)=1410+1000=2410 physical damage. Compare 1625 vs 2410. If the poison never did a crit, it will deal 250x7= 1750. Poisons without crit is still better than jump with a full crit. Yeap it needs a full 12 seconds to deal that damage, but I never have died in PvP without the poisons are fully consumed. PvPing a BD, it's very nice to have poisons buff while under hamstring. If jump is dodged, you're f u c ked. But if poisons miss, you still have more try. And I figured out that if your normal attack with poison from stealth missed( parry, block, dodge), The next successful damage it will deal is same as if from stealth. Isn't it great? And no. I'm not against jump. In fact if we could only pick just 1 expert skill, I would select jump instead of others. What I am against is leveling it. Waste of skill points just for a puny cute extra damage. And now with lvl 24, with another extra 1 skill point, I still will never increase jump, even my poisons are full. I'll be putting it either to gouge or throwing knife. I seem to be a weakling +5 rogue. But I use brains instead of money to win others.
  8. No, I don't play with twin daggers anymore because of my amplification restriction. I now use axe and dagger because I really have appreciated this reason : But if that restriction permits me, I would still pick twice daggers because it's cool and good looking than of axe.
  9. Can you please also change my forum name? I just want the first digit to be an uppercase. cigma ---> Cigma. Thanks a lot .
  10. cigma


    hey, did you all realize this post was wayback 2011?
  11. yeap. decimal, binary, octal, and hexadecimal. ASCII Codes and UTF-8. And there are 10 types of people in this world, those who know binary and those who don't. Programmer here . Snorlar vs Spawn?
  12. Nope, I understand it from the start. No irony there. But guess what? You can catch a thief with his own words. Words problem and "problem" are both totally equivalent in your sentence since "problem" is still pertaining to the Necro's HP loss. But if you have ambiguities regarding to the antecedents of words, it's not my problem. Oh really? So you've said: just sit back, amp, and enjoy. Yes that's totally correct but futile. Not every Necro can amplify high enough to compensate the gigantic loss. That's like: "Oh! I'm a Necro! A forsaken! I can heal 3 more mana than usual. But BDs can kill me in 3 seconds so I should try to increase my HP ! But heck ! I now heal myself very less. So I should amp, but I'm poor. So I just can't. How?". But for the most unfortunate, we can do nothing. Let the developers decide. And we're not crying, but instead, we're giving a constructive criticisms 'bout Necros.
  13. Stealth ! Not to sound sneaking around Female CR , nor copy the exam answers of my classmate. If you can change your character's name to anything,what would it be?
  14. Oh so now your sucking up your own statements? Never had any problems eh? Well I expected more from you but I guess I'm wrong. And hey! You said you've fixed it! So you're still pinpointing yourself and not the entire Necro community. And what do I see from you? From your screenshot and "solo farming extravaganza"? -An arrogant approach from a so-called "moderator". And for your spelling correction help, I don't really think that the word your in the post is a wrong spelling. Saying you're* is a more grammatical correction approach. Or shall we say, grammar Nazi. Don't worry, my English grammar mastery is far more better than yours. Want me to correct you too?
  15. Oh don't you? But you know about correcting other's grammar? What a sweet treat. And pertaining to the Necro's problem, can you please make a new Necro and never spend MCoins unto it? You'll never see and solve the problem if you don't have the problem itself. But obviously you can't. So stop uplifting yourself.
  16. The irresistible force paradox, also called the unstoppable force paradox or shield and spear paradox, is a classic paradox formulated as "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?" This paradox is a form of the omnipotence paradox, which is a simple demonstration that challenges omnipotence: "Can God create a stone so heavy that not even God is strong enough to lift it?" The immovable object and the irresistible force are both implicitly assumed to be indestructible, or else the question would have a trivial resolution ("it destroys it"). Furthermore, it is assumed that they are two separate entities, since an irresistible force is implicitly an immovable object, and vice versa. What does the fox says?
  17. Dude, stop speaking as if you know everything.
  18. So what do you want? Bring back op banner to its former glory of annihilating 7x7area of MCs in just a single click and in an instant? Hell bro, make a bomb and destroy the game. And pertaining to your one physical damage, I think that the devs gave you the spear for a purpose.
  19. cigma

    dagger or double axes

    Please stop this redundant arguments. You can wield any weapon combination you want without anyone to judge you. Just have 15%+ accuracy and you'll do fine.
  20. cigma

    Dear rogue,...

    Yes I am seeing this situation when I'm playing my Necro. Damm rogues jumping in the middle of elf circle. As if they can 1 hit KO the enemy and thinking there would be always a healer to assist them. Then they will shout at world chat: arena lvl20 full of Noobs. Damm you rogues !
  21. I think this guy is looking for intact in-depth game mechanics, but unfortunately, devs never provide it to us. Let's just trust what the game is describing unto us what it should be.
  22. If that is your question, this is my answer. That's a philosophical question by the way. Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?
  23. The next elf post is a weak Noob dumb imbecile moron stupid idiot , and no one will ever love him. So don't dare MC 207
  24. Ya, I elusive jumped a female ranger at Ayvondil. Lucky vs rich ?
  25. Some reasons. 1. Jump range doesn't increase as we level it. The primary objective of jump is to be beside the enemy, and lvl 1 jump does it as lvl 4 2. Leveling jump has a very little increase in damage. Say, my jump lvl 4 before is 600 damage, now lvl 1 it's 500. Very small and not worth adding a point. 3. Investing in poison gives it additional damage and duration. Before, I can't even kill a lvl 18 BD. But now, I can kill even higher amp than me. 7x dot damage at lvl 4, 150 damage to enemy hero or 200 if from stealth per dot( I'm +5) = 1200++ extra damages. Compare to leveling jump. Don't forget that it does critical more often than jump because jump only damages once. To me, leveling jump to max instead of poisons is a newb.
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