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  1. i wanted to reply, but then remembered who am i talking to :d happy new year Jerry.
  2. i dont mean that but thats all im doing in this event, killing rats (minions, dont hate me mods).
  3. tested the event for almost 2 weeks now, saw dgs, rides, map, quests and events.. and same as every year and as i expected it, im not surprised, worst event ever. snow event is the worst event during year, and every year. the mechanical of dungeons and the debuffs of mobs inside cave, the raid boss.. literally everything in this event is bad, not even a single good thing. i said it last year before you release the update that everything is expected and repeated, this year i waited to test it first and i wasnt disappointed, cant wait for next year to comment the sam
  4. i was asking the same thing man,, what kind of person you are to delete full rewards char or even help in deleting it, must feel real insecure.
  5. Did you really remove a category that gives imperials to different levels every season with a daily reward mode?? + theres a daily reward mode already which is 5x5 you want us to spend 3-4h everyday getting 25 win in 5x5 and the new 3x3 mode?? imagine how many chars each one of us have and how much time it will need to finish 25 win for all of them.. "something entirely new" > *removing seals and accessories* *adding new ugly costume*. waiting new season for this lame "update".
  6. Ive read news about castle sieges defensive side rework and i would like ot mention some point about castle gates hp. in all castles the gates hp are 250k.. even though the number of people that participate gets higher in every castle. its different to have 20min to destroy 250k hp gate with 30 people (t1 castle) than having 20min to do the same which is destroying 250k hp gate with 70 people (t5 castle). last week week we had to defend our castle with 250k hp gates vs 70 people (even though we handled that for 18min lol) but we were x10 stronger than the opponent still we had
  7. yep and we successfully defended it. you may check the fight here
  8. this is gonna be boring now, last 1-2 weeks of events few guilds only gonna be doing these n not many will bother going there anymore. the idea of bosses dropping stuff made the events interesting and people fight for them, now its not long till people get sick of getting bars and do 5 runs myth bg for demo event.
  9. does that include you using autoclicker last season while we spamming vs your bot users friends? 😄 this is halirous i wont even bother with you 😄
  10. ha! we have chinese bots to fight too, good thing they off now after server reset
  11. sorry im not Indian ;-; could you translate this to English please ._.
  12. lemme correct that then, heres another place they using bots at to farm gold. Recording #1.mp4 also those low level bots that go to level 4 for whatever reason.. video_2019-08-26_02-01-01.mp4 video_2019-08-26_02-00-46.mp4
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