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  1. sorry im not Indian ;-; could you translate this to English please ._.
  2. lemme correct that then, heres another place they using bots at to farm gold. Recording #1.mp4 also those low level bots that go to level 4 for whatever reason.. video_2019-08-26_02-01-01.mp4 video_2019-08-26_02-00-46.mp4
  3. Before i say anything, just letting moderators know that im not reporting or complaining about anything, ill properly get the general answer "forum isnt the right place for this" and according to this is just a random topic 🙂 okey so for anyone from other servers that interested to see how arena and community are going on in EU-emerald server. i invite you to check out the chinese botting 24/7 to win seasons ^ WhatsApp Video 2019-08-25 at 10.44.15 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2019-08-25 at 9.53.25 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2019-08-25 at 9.42.09 PM.mp4 video_2019-08-25_23-07-59.mp4 video_2019-08-25_22-43-37.mp4 video_2019-08-25_22-42-32.mp4
  4. okey what if the truth gets obvious too late? you see the whole thing here we spent time and money for this season and cause of a false ban we lost everything we worked for. i even doubt they gonna admit its a false ban, but what if it is? how are they gonna make it up for us? in other hand we've sent more than enough evidences about the people who actually breaking EULA rules, yet nothing happened. besides i believe we got it, we got it forum isnt the place for this and you cant do anything about it, but if they took them 2 days only to ban a guy why would they take 2 weeks to unban him or even care for his words? last email he got was them basically asking him "how did you spam that much without sleeping?" like hello??? he explained this already and God we running out of time and they taking all the damn time they need.. they sent that email at Friday and we been waiting for todays reply aswell, we received nothing until now. so ye we got it everyone in forum has nothing to do with support team (i guess its a chat site), but since they are being indifference we wont keep our mouth shut and wait for small replies once every week.
  5. Im gonna reply this at monday, waiting for "support team" answer right now to know what to say. Ofc they sent their email at friday to take the whole weekend but who cares lmao
  6. why would "support team" work on ayvondil release lol their job to help people in such stuff, no matter the time or if theres an event or update. next time we want to rank i should properly ask in forum if theres some event coming soon or if support team busy or not to check our emails and kinda care about the players, not treat them as characters in their game. you making it look like theres 1 guy working in support team and at the same time hes helping the other 1 guy who releasing ayvondil.. also no offense but im not expecting help from you since i understood mods dont have influence on support team. so im waiting someone with higher powers to give us proper answers. for the proofs. we've been sending photos and videos since last season and im sure Imawizurd has explained to them the "suspicious activities" on his account. but thats not MY point anymore atleast, if they gonna ban Imawizurd for whatever reason, then lets bring justice to those chinese players shall we? PS: while we've been "giving our opinions" for 3 days now in this topic, we losing time and the whole season.
  7. you missed the point where we saying support team answering most of us with automated messages with 2 lines? yet you saying to send a report to them.. like comon isnt this the same answer every mod has? we did send them hundreds of messages about different topics. and about the system its been like that since 2013 where i started playing and i remember too many old players complaining about the same thing. yet again nothing changed. this is clearly not the solution to solve this.
  8. look let me help you, go wechat, open your warspear group and ask in chinese "who has good english skills? they are revealing our sharing accounts and bots using, write me some meaningful sentences to defend ourselves somehow" cause you aint making any sense here.
  9. can we get one guy atleast from support team to look at this topic and those informations? mods? arent you able to call someone to look at all of this? and give us an actual answer?! or this is gonna be just another problem that we will forget after few days? if so, im not willing to continue playing this game with this indifference support team. @Higgings @Cardinal
  10. we got it every new thing they do is to provide profits to the company but not like this, the old players are being banned for some chinese cheaters and support team is so cold about it.
  11. ofc game team is fair darling, go back to spam now, or its not your shift yet?
  12. new forum accounts to support what they saying lmao, are you going to use bots and auto comment thing in here too? also guess what? ye we do stay awake for 30h straight. we have schedule of things we need to do in our life and we know our priorities, if you arent able to do the same then dont compare your life to others. theres a reason you using bots and sharing now, cause you have a family to take care of lmao ^
  13. gzgzgz, vsopsb and Ivyouhun are still spamming 3x3 since yesterday, they havent even log off ^ ofc you have families and life to take care of thats why you sharing n using bots to win the season. you know whats funny? vsopsb reported the mage for using bot, which he doesnt. n the support team blocked him for "sharing" which he doesnt too. quit the excuses and life stuff. you do know what chinese players do and even support team do. anyone gonna do something about it? doubt it.
  14. When? we already lost and who knows how many people lost to them before cause of the same thing. its not like support team CANT do anything about about, they just WONT. you cant imagine the amount of screenshots and and videos people sent them since last season.. yet they ban the guy who went against them ^
  15. I remember they (chinese) pmed him (imawizurd) at Saturday saying they gonna report him for bot or whatever, i told him to not worry cause hes not doing anything wrong. many people reported me at lvl 22-24 too and as long im not doing anything wrong everything is fine. so right after few days he got banned and we were really in a rush since we fighting people who really using bots and share. we all sent emails to "technical support" and it took them the whole damn weekend to answer in a auto message thing.. at the same time chinese guys still spamming with their afkers, even at night they afk dmd until we block then after a while they stop and go off. else they keep spamming afk in 3x3. man even if they un-banned him today we lost the ranks already and the whole work we did since season started, i was wondering how would they pay him in return for the false ban but after ive seen the auto replies to every damn serious message we send i doubt they even listen to us. and i actually started to think Aigrind have been paid by those chinese to ban him for any silly excuse they find. if this is the case i hope they let us know this is how things going, to leave this stupid game and stopping spending money on it. you can just make it another stupid game that ruled by chinese. so this is how stupid the system is, "thats not how report work" "we dont ban based on peoples report" give me a break gzgzgz and vsopsb are spamming at this moment while im writing this and its like 4am in their place? they usually sleep at this time but nono, go demand 1 time vs them and see how they gonna log off. you can block/ban me or whatever but just know im so done with "technical support" auto and 2 lines reply. they need to open their eyes. lemme drop some screenshots of them afking, not like anything will change now but just to see how blind support team is.
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