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  1. I was wondering do Imperials stack up? and if they do.. Whats the maximum amount we can get? or is it unlimited?
  2. Of course It won't be same as halloween locations, monsters and quests. but the routine of events are the same. quests in the whole map, killing mcs\elves quests, achievements for doing events and killing monsters, dungeons for different levels, snow weapons, chests, costumes, buffs, skills, we will have a week of x3 guild points, and double drops. everything is so predictable, nothing really new to be excited about.
  3. same things every year, and almost same as Halloween event, but with snow and different bosses\drops.
  4. It's not.. a year ago 28k mcoins used to be around 100$.. Dollar went up in turkey in the last 6months and now with 100$ i can get around 78k mcoins.
  5. i have been lvl 10 for 3 years n yeah exp increasing slowly by time. also i agree about making a countdown for every scroll\pot we use
  6. well got it. anyway i decided to level up.
  7. hehe lyzois too.. the one who took 3x3 5x5 and 2x2 in 1 season from AoA
  8. this would be very helpful i think.
  9. As you see i leveled up by mistake.. or i should say i reported a quest after few seconds when the pot over. Anyway friends told me to ask in forum to get you back to level 10 once again. im not sure this could happen to be honest but its a bit sad that level 10 with -250 medals -almost 5k maliat and tt rep + 1k other reputations.. -rank 1 in 3x3 seals level up this way. if you could help or not i hope ill have an answer cause apparently im not in mood to level up this shit once again after the amount of coins i spent on in the past 3years..
  10. samir10

    lvl 10 arena char?

    bds are pain same in higher levels.. they are hard to kill and if you like mc side, i prefer dk. most powerful class at lvl 10.
  11. samir10

    lvl 10 arena char?

    did you know that rangers and warlocks are the worst classes in level 10? lol (3 years level 10 necro says)
  12. so i figure out that there wont be a topic about arena season winners in forum anymore?
  13. how about other levels that we don't have? and other servers? Its just information so we know what people did last season in ALL servers, since Im having a problem to find last arena season results in forum.
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