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  1. yea thanks, i dont usually read the last part in forum post since its always about wishing us luck
  2. sell full sets of speed armors 500k each for your beastcallers.
  3. Amp more, charm your armors, get defensive books, get talents. and most important thing is, play smart. dont compare your half pvp char to full +10, full greatness players with +9 years of experience, and +14 classless books. and if you still can not beat the class you complaining about, use a different class then or call a friend. you are not supposed to kill everybody. as a ranger i cant kill charmers with heavy mm and full greatness, and i struggle vs barbs. do i complain about it? no. you should do the same.
  4. I missed these topics at forum the typical MCS saying Elves are better, and Elves saying MCS are better. Low defense classes users complain about high damage classes. no heal skill classes complain about healing classes. and the list goes on . .
  5. so what is the difference between the guild that owns the castle, and any other random guild?
  6. what does this mean? the skill gives 11% dodge now instead of 10%? or how does that work
  7. Hope you keep in mind to change castle GP potions and make them effective at castle dungeons.
  8. My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Day is Ruined
  9. I have always explained the drops in dungeon like this: drops are endless list, maybe it repeats itself with different order.. but every time a character enters the dungeon, the drop for him from that list has been selected already. so lets say there are 1 million different drop in that list (includes crafts stuff/pots/cards and everything), the "good" drops are also there but in very random locations, there could be a book at the 4th, 40th, 400th or even 400000th slot of the list.. whoever gonna be lucky enough and enter at that time will get it. how do parties with 5 people work? i dont know to be honest, probably count as 5 drops from the list. now how did i come up with this conclusion? simple, if you noticed after events GvG ends and all guilds get free dungeon entrance for 1h, there are so many drops and so many people pop up their names at world chat, why is that happening now and not other times? because so many people entering the dungeon therefore the list is moving fast. also at "x2 chance" weeks or whatever events, they just double the amount of "good drops" in that list. that is my idea of how it works, it is not officially confirmed and i might be wrong.
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