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  1. Hi, i my name in WS is kullito and i play in EU server. I see many DK and barbs with shield. so i wanna do one. atm my DKs build is for PvP, i go with spear and offensive skills (thorn lvl 5, exhal lvl 5 , and threads lvl 5). Now i wanna do a shielder, i got one book of oblivion (gift ) so i want to know which is the best skill build for a shielder DK and if its possible the equipment. Thx for all.
  2. i think too that taunt need an improvement
  3. Hi DKs i want to know how good is the DK`s new skill "saturation".
  4. i only gonna say that i got a DK and in 1 vs 1 i can only kill noobs coz all good (not pro) players can beat me easy
  5. so better i wait till new weapons come ??
  6. Hi warspears. I got a question about new arena weapons. I got enough arena points to buy the arena spear but its known that in few new arena weapons r gonna come. The question is.... When the new weapons are uploaded my arena point are gonna go to 0 ??? its spend NOW the point that i have. Thx for all
  7. Wow awersme boss. 1.200.000 hp and 500 pero hit
  8. WOW. it will be the biggest war since i play WS it will be funny. SOMEONE RECORD IT
  9. No locks after update ??? :unknw:
  10. Hola tengo una pregunta. Soy español y juego con un DK. el problema q tengo es q no consigo acabar las misiones de chainless y me gustaria saber en que horas el juego es cuando menos actividad tiene para q pasar al lado elfo sea mas facil.
  11. i play as a DK. I try to cross stairs like 50 times and i only cross it 2-3 times :facepalm: . I tryand to cross it in a small party and with ~30 :friends: mcs but its impossible when some elf see u he say that we e trying to cross :clapping: and inmediatly 20 elves minimum block stairs. Its true that at some hours the game looks dead but elve side its always full. :diablo: duck elves :diablo:
  12. and full DD ?? i am new and i am gonna be lv 18 soon so i wanna know how its better for me. :blush:
  13. And it isnt better if u use all the set ?? glove, armor, helm and boots of DD or HE ??
  14. I am playing with a DK and it got the worst skills. One easy change it could be if the threads stuns. So we will have 2 stun skiils.
  15. Hi warspears. can someone say me where can i find vulnerary plant ?? THX
  16. 2.- know the lands. (Which are good lands ??)
  17. yes i know that my lvl is low. i am on the going to lvl 20. I thank all the advices u can give me. 1.- Never go alone. 2.- ... 3.- ... ....
  18. Hi. I got a lvl 15 DK and every time i go into elf side they duck my ass in less than 1 minute :facepalm: .Its known that r many more elves than MC but i want to play as MC. Can someone give me some advece to move through the elf side and have fun ?? I play in Emerald. My name is Kullito
  19. Algun consejo a la hora de moverme por el lado elfo ??
  20. Hola compañeros. Tengo un DK al lvl 15, no uso miracle asiq stoy un poco en desventaja :sorry: , pero eso es lo de menos. El problema q tengo es q cada vez q entro en el territorio elfo me dan por todos lados y lo unico q hago es morir sin apenas haber estado 1 minuto :facepalm: . Es verdad q hay el doblede elfos q de MC, pero tendra q haber alguna manera de pasar un buen rato en el lado elfo sin ser roge no ?? Alguien me da algun consejo para poder moverme por el lado elfo o al menos pasar un buen rato ?? :drinks: :yahoo: Gracias. Soy Kullito en emerald
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