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  1. Hurb

    Reselling Tips?

    buy whatever is on sale in mcoin store from the market and wait a bit
  2. Mcs kill me always in kota, even if i peacefully try to pass near them without attacking. I have started to be more careful and root the MC and get the h*ll out of there. Sadly I get killed quite often still. Both mc and elf kill each other, swamps are no man's land, what did you expect?
  3. Do Chainless from Lake to BG in one night. After that, in the same night, steal Sea when it has 1k hp, killing 5 MC's with the 3 of us. Get back to nadir, alive.
  4. 10 life scrollii ja puolisataa pottia... nice D: Kiitos muuten wintersun yhteistyöstä siellä gridaurilla vai mikä olikaan! E: Eikä karvamuna oo homo :'(
  5. The Fictional story of Kratt "The Avenger" -------------------------------------- The daily life of Kratt "The Avenger" who got shipwrecked to the Stony Shore, was stuck there by the brave Elven warriors, started killing everyone who dared to visit his island in the hope of finding some of the rumored Kratt's Treasures, and became known as "The Avenger". Nobody knows Kratt's biggest secret. The secret of his Immortality. When the Sentinels, and sometimes even Warriors of The legion, come to try to get a share of his Treasure (which you might find on his corpse after his death) and manage to Kill him... 10 Minutes after, he appears on the island again, in his full strenght, back to Avenge the Elves, as well as The Warriors of the Legion, because, well, they try to kill him and steal his treasure, which isn't enjoyable for the old Kratt. So, this morning, Kratt has not been disturbed too often. He doesn't know why. Maybe people shouting "LAAG" "DISCONNECTS" might relate to it. Kratt doesn't know what do those terms mean, but He doesn't really care, after all, he has not been disturbed in the whole day. But soon, Kratt is starting to feel bored. He is so used to fighting the Treasure Hunters. He actually has started to like them a bit. Otherwise his daily life would be remarkably boring and dull. In the afternoon, he people start coming to his island. His dear minions attack the intruders, but as usually, the intruders kill them in a matter of a few seconds. Another reason for Kratt to kill those pesky Elves. There are three intruders. Two of them wear shiny swords, blades so shiny that they look like the Sun, and one of them wearing a staff, which is not as shiny as those swords, a weak blink of shine barely noticeable every now and then. Kratt is trying to decide who to attack. The staff wearing girl looks weaker than the others, maybe he should... Before he can finish his thought, the men with shiny swords attack him. "Forget it, I have to kill the attackers first" He whispers, releases a horrible battle cry, and attacks one of the swordmen. The fight takes quite long, and the swordman's wounds heal a few seconds after receiving them. "Weird", he thinks, "What kind of horribly strong magical power keeps his wounds healing?". Soon does he notice the girl casting some magic on the attacker every now and then. But it's already too late. Kratt the Avenger lets loose his last Battle cry before his next re-spawning. But as usual, the Invaders find nothing, and leave the Island. Soon, Kratt's corpse disappears, but his mighty spirit stays on the place of the body, resting, slowly regenerating his powers, preparing for his next appearance on his island. Kratt feels strengthened, fully healed, ready for another fight. "It is time to re-spawn", he whispers, and with the only magical power of his, He appears on the Island again. And he notices new Invaders. "Back to the business", he thinks, and he feels quite happy that the "Lags" are over, and he has something to do daily in his boring, eternal life. ... ? This is the end of the story, you can leave now, except if you liked it. Which i don't assume anyone to. PS: Lags are in the story not mainly because of the last days lags, but because If i get an Idea, which is pretty rare for me, I want to use it. Luckily the lags seem to be over, thanks for the devs for fixing that!
  6. The problem is, its very hard of getting random people to help GS.For example,the only possibility for me is when my good guild members are online.
  7. Just noticed it: Brave explorers found the entrance to the unknown territory that lies at the center of Irselnort, and now on the island are no more blank spots! At its center stands the majestic Tower of Berengar - dedicated dungeon, which will open the entrance to heroes in future updates. :(
  8. New territory and entrance to the future dungeon "Tower of Berengar" future dungeon. future. fu-tu-re. Did all the elves in EU Emerald fight for nothing? I hope not. I hope im wrong.
  9. Price drop of unity signs commences E: Oh wait, I guess they'll be personal.
  10. One of them worked for me, others didn't. I received a huge amount of 20 Miracle coins from that one which did work.
  11. You just became my favourite druid.Also props for caring to write properly(not liek dis ur faget omg lol trolllololololo), it's rare on this forum.
  12. Any High-leveled elves willing to make few GG parties ( or make a party to wipe gg cave with MC's, then other party for questers+helpers) on the weekend? Tried today with guild and other party, the other party finished it, we did not manage because they left us alone against 10 MC's?
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