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  • Real Life is A Big Game.If You Are Really Pro Try To Win It.Play Other If U Are a Loser or Already Winner.Myself Am Independent of My luxury.
    -----------By A Great Winner of Life And Pcycologist

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  1. Always remain patient.coz forever we updates and announces,u remain keep calm or quit. Note : quit game to enjoy real life,quit real life to addict game that wants slaves. 2)not used ws* in the above.
  2. They testing howmany people will shought and to know howmany will response.
  3. 1)Aww.next paladin skill,then mage,then nothing already elf new skill can removed(ranger e.trap,bd shield,prst,now druid). 2)Next touny time 4 days. 3)Next one os will be removed(which is not helps in earning)
  4. devs.am not joking.just quit my priest frm ayvondil.am trying personally but exits when i am going to open priest class.
  5. Oops.my priest hasbeen kidnaped by ayvondil map creators.some one take action.only my priest who entered ayvondil not opened.remaining all classes in that id opened fine.but whenever i open my priest named nagurXprst,game going exit.response pleaz.
  6. yup.:(.Something stats missed below : Btw again some boring statements again and again in ws. Ty for nice update.but can you guys tell us when will symbian,windows,etc os got original 3.13 rather than 3.12.1 some quotes for ws from players : 1)ws always want profits with this strategy: poor fight against rich noobs,rich noobs want fun. Mediater(ws)will get benefit. 2)one want taste the new updates fast than other(like updates for some os at first)and others get punishment so that they eagerly wait for updates after it effects gone. -bad rude force business trick 3)where real updates?always u are giving not original updates just giving beta and take poing burdens in our own sake of.... i)pala use 2h sword /glaive but no arena gear there. ii)no pvp area zones.its free zones. iii)also so many,i cant point out(all thouht ws always beta updates with sleeping d*vs) iv)we playing ws ,and d*vs playing on us. v)why d*vs not check before giving update.its beta or update?we confuse.after told update minor bugs will possible.but in our dump(ws) full of fun with complaints who promoted these type updates not checking functionality and equilatiy.
  7. May be beta version to symbian.feel it as beta for symbian and other os original update.they do always like that.no gud functionality and no equilaty.:( but nice update in my galaxy.but crap at x6 :(
  8. Marvelous update.finally so intresting.now pala imbalanced.other milie have fun.
  9. Rooting or hacking is permitted to individual work.this is not official to root and hack.also there is risk as bricking phone.but rooting awesome.for hack->quarantine tip,for rooting one must be knowledgeble a bit.my self i rooted my n5800 to n97 and c6 os.Quit this.so many loving this game.they must be give info.coz their steps leads to ws out of hand.soon all symbian guys will quit as early as possible.upgrading to android/ios,and play games better than ws.
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