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  1. Agree on sasa.... Why shaman and necro sooooooo weak..... Nothing works when Ham is On.... :( 25% remaining HP can't win a battle with Blade Dancer... Even blind and earthquake are not working properly???????
  2. When is the update.... Please update new island fast.... I am tired of stuckingg in Lvl 20.... :'( It was fun at first when leveling from 1 to 20. Bt it stuck and making bore day by day... Coz we cant lvl up... :'(
  3. How to kill this dinalt... Sick of elf at stairs..... Make plan mcs...
  4. I really hate ur coolcakid (ranger).... Damn it...
  5. Agree :D elf got serious problem with selling items in dealer.... :D really the cost of item are really high compared to mcs :)
  6. Inform first please with notation "server will be closed in 30mins" or some thing... :(
  7. Sussmeh


    Kati hang vako hauuuuuu...... :'( why so much lag??????? Please devloper, do something for laggggg....
  8. Sussmeh

    wtf gm

    I agree... With the lag matter *z*
  9. This is so tirring... When will it come back... I am missing my dailies :(
  10. A weeks ago MCs make a big row on t5. On the moment we were just chatting. Bt as the number increases & more player comes up.. We made many party.. :* & alas! "The evil mind" :D we all planned to atk elf t5. :D We all went together "crumbling & crushing" everything in path.. We reach t5 and killed their soul at respawn. I felt like world war in W/S. :D
  11. :( "cannot connect with the server"
  12. Help to do Six Shadows Quest.
  13. I like, Himalaya - 1999 Australia Rundown Scary Movies 1-4 all Meet The Spartans Avatar Ashique 2 Loot
  14. lol, i mean names :P
  15. tell us your favourite movies.
  16. warspear online - player's real life pictures. Lol :D
  17. U are nt playing on mc side either
  18. Nepal, Kathmandu valley
  19. lol, this remind me of my friend xD
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