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  1. Costume for tornament #21 &.. will be alien one? :blush: :lol:
  2. Hehe ;D sry I might hv killed u ago at nadir :blush: but now peace :give_rose:
  3. Wtf predator costume :shok: awesome :yahoo: :give_rose: Ill get prepared for tornament ;D win this one would b fun 8)
  4. Me eating? :shok: what bro? :blush:
  5. Lol so much unity pots :rofl: you should have lot of money to give aigrind :blush:.. but why you complain to devs now? :wacko:
  6. Good for you :rofl: :drinks:
  7. Trade 10k mcoins or sign set for cbow or bow doom +8 pm me on bd or ranger
  8. Ezioasin.

    I feel bad

    Anyway ty dude ;D
  9. Ezioasin.

    I feel bad

    Now you dnt know me but I saw its you who put +1 karma to me? :wacko: You should think twice :rofl:
  10. Any news if there will be update for symbian? :'(
  11. Hi all n blitz friends :yahoo: Didnt see this post earlier but we making upmost reach lvl 3 for lvl 14 arena players :dirol:
  12. Ezioasin.

    I feel bad

    He just a crap that pvp..I trade costumes n crystal n runes on mc side n 20k gold on elf but even gave n ignore my pms :bad: bullysh*it and u call me scammer when you are the fcking one?? :facepalm: Too bad ur reputation like ur fatty side :rofl:
  13. Who still remember that? ;D
  14. Solo gariel in snow map :blush: :rofl:
  15. Sis u dnt hav a spare doom for me? :blush: still need one :'(
  16. Popularity** ;D yea gunz forever :blush:
  17. Sis :yahoo: lol why u telling them abt satpolpp affair? Its secret :blush: :rofl:
  18. Agree..now ppl only focus on winning n no much fun like long times where it was still a game
  19. Lol the meeting today was an attempt to do cl ?? :bad: coz most mcs gone kratt dead n only 1 poor pty done :rofl: :rofl: Didnt even see chronoz there..was waiting for u :blush: :cray:
  20. If you was a bit smarter for tornament maybe u should hav did same for ur guild :rofl:..btw gm "gifted" each player so we cant say bad of it when people makinh their best of it :blush:
  21. Why you wasting ur time complaining?? :wacko: go focus on tornament and do ur best than tell insolite things
  22. Lol satpolpp at map 1 elf where u get black unicorn quest :shok: :rofl: Nice satpolpp n congrats future win :clapping: :drinks:
  23. Congrats gunz n great job yuurra sis :yahoo: :clapping:
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