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  1. Thanks God. Finally someone understands my point. Thank you so much Sir Cybernem.
  2. But being responsible enough to inform the player that they need time to fix it while they only said to fix it in 7 days and yet its already a month and no reply I guess doesn't give them a hard time to do. And that I hope support team understands it too. They cannot always give the reason that they don't have the Same system like others companies do coz they are not as big as them everytime players reporting to them and then just left unattended. Players are expecting so much for their assitance and you can't blame us to feel bad every time this happens
  3. A big LOL turtle. you seems doesn't know the meaning of this forum. Better you're the one who should search what this forum is all about. You seems the one crying about my post xD. That in the first place you don't have business with. I respect your comments coz anyway this post is in public (for Warspear players) i don't care about you're points in this forum, that doesn't help me in anyway and Im not the spamming in this forum, as you can see, I've only posted regarding this issue once. I'm only replying to your useless comments that seems you know everything. your useless comments makes this topic useless. And don't teach me what title of my topic I should put. i have the right to say anything related in this game in this forum coz like you I'm also a player of Warspear. Youre not the only one have the right to post here. not unless you're the owner of this forum
  4. And thanks to this forum by the way. Warspear Tech Support finally replied to my emails. The means of YOUR word "crying" sometimes help the players
  5. This forum is all about WARSPEAR ONLINE. People posting here are the players of Warspear online. I'm posting about Warspear online, Concerning about Warspear online support team. Sir Roland and his team are dealing with the Devs and players of Warspear online. And I don't think that my topic is misleading. So many topics regarding about bugs has been posted under this "support section" and I could clearly see Sir Roland and his team helped and solved many of the issues. My comparison of the game is just a reaction due of my disappointment and that sometimes can't be avoided. This forum the last time I checked is all about the game, you can post anything here related to the game. This is not just a chatting forum. If I only like to chat then I'll go to the game and chat there. And also I didn't stated the details of my report here for you to say that they dont solve issues here. You can read my post again if you like
  6. Let me clarify things to you sir turtle, coz you seems doesn't understand what you're saying. First I'm not crying, i am giving reaction base on my experience with the support team. This is Warspear online forum under the support topic section. My post is not misleading to other topic. Every players of warspear have the right to post anything related to the game. Its not just you. And I'm not talking about other game here. I'm talking about warspear online support and posting under the section of support topic. I'm not asking them a favor, because its their responsibility to fix the issues reported by the players regarding their game. Whom do you expect to solve Warspear bug issues? Clash of clans support team?
  7. Excuse me Sir turtle, I'm not that stupid as you think to do multiple sending, I do follow ups after 2 weeks but multiple sending is not my way to get their response.
  8. Hahahahaha yes Sir Cybernem. Well, I'm pretty sure as the Warspear continues progressing, eventually it will be back to 5* star again. It was and I know it will be again. Ive been playing this game for many years now, Ive met a lot of old and new players, Warspear has been a part of my life. And its just hurting for me sometimes that I have to experience these kind not just once. But still, I'm not loosing my hope to them.
  9. Hello there Sir Lukazzz I've sent ticket on support September 29, 2015. Ive got their response, asking for the details of my concern and Ive provided it completely to them. And then no more reply from them again. Ive sent emails to follow up, again and again. I don't wanna state here the details of my concern coz I know from the fact that its the support that can fix the issue. I wanna leave it between me and the support its just that my disappointments lead me from posting here at the forum. Well maybe, just somehow to inform them that there is someone waiting for their response. Thank you for the reply and your suggestion Sir lukazzz, I appreciate it
  10. How disappointing the "support" of this game is for handling the concerns of their players. Doesn't even know how to be responsible enough to answer the emails of the players professionally. While on the other games, it only take them 1 to 3 days to solve the issues of their players, from small bug to big problems. The way that they assist their players really shows professionalism. Im sorry for the comparison, either for posting here at the forum. As much as possible, I wanna do it privately, anyway, only your support can fix the problem. But you left me no choice after waiting and waiting for more than a month, checking my email everyday to see if the support already have responded to my emails. But to my dismay, I don't get reply from them after asking me for the details of my report. If they can't fix it then be professional enough to inform me that they can't fix it anymore. Rather than keeping me waiting and hoping that they will give attention to my report. They doesn't know much it feels like that the support team is giving us disappointments. And they seems not know how important to us the assistance of them. That's why they are called "support" to support and to assists their players, to take care of the issues and concerns of their players. Like what I've said, we are spending for your game and we are hoping for good service in return.
  11. Jcsky

    Dirknow's Account

    Yes Lee, we know that very well. Thats why he is requesting to review his case coz he doesnt know where in that part he violated coz he didn't do anything. Or not unless, its illegal to login your account on your another device or PC. Example : I created my account on pc, but not all the time I use PC and I have to switch using my phone. Is It illegal? Im wondering, How about those players that their phone got broken and they access their account on an internet cafe? Its a different device different imei. Sometimes switching device cannot be avoided especially if they need to charge their device. I'm aware that having two accounts is not illegal, what if I created my second account on my PC? And mostly Im using my cellphone to play. What if I switch again to my 2nd account using my cellphone where I created my first account? Is it illegal? Should I be worried or scared that I will be blocked coz I access my own account on my other devices? Just wondering
  12. Jcsky

    Dirknow's Account

    To whom it may concern I hope you review dirknow's case. He's been sending email to support, asking an exact reason why "they" needed to permanently blocked his account but still no positive reply. Dirknow's been seeking an answer coz, him, personally don't understand why he got blocked just so sudden. Coz as far as he knows and as far as we know, dirknow is not violating EULA rules. His warspear life been dedicated on participating on guild tournament (perfectelf guild). He never trade, buying or selling account. Never he had an issues on scamming nor accesing others account. We are greatful that you gave a positive feedback to archergirl, while both of them got blocked at the same time (same day, same hour) and both them are from the same guild. We are hoping that you will at least review his case. Coz poor him, not jus his account got blocked but also his device cannot totally access warspear online (cannot create or login account) I don't know if its bug or something. So please, I hope you give him a little consideration, he's been loyal to warpear all these years Thank you so much
  13. Do you have any idea how many players of warspear that's on facebook? And also are you aware of the hackers on warspear have a page on Facebook? Feel free to explore. So many here knows that its more easy to hack Facebook account. On the contrary, nothing wrong on connecting your warspear account on facebook, but they must have another security parameter after connecting those two. you cannot just rely your account on Facebook, coz if some "player" gets to know your fb account, bang! XD
  14. Then still however, Facebook isn't that safe Coz they still got hacked
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