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  1. Forgive me, but i couldn't understand what you were trying to say... read it 5 times and still don't get it Could someone pls explain xD
  2. Hahahaha!!! :rofl: Someone was angry with him xD
  3. The whole christmas pvp traven thing was useless, because of the quest everyone just ganked one another and sometimes the low lvls don't even understand the rules of pvp. Another thing, ganging doesn't depend on your level. Even if you do have separate caves for the different levels, there will still be ganking. Only difference is that a higher level can't kill the lower lvls because they think they are "noobs". Also, what if a lower level wanted to challenge a higher level? the 2 cave thing would prevent that from happening.
  4. Point is gab, it gives players motivation. a drive that they didn't have before. Like sange said, when you go up against players you know can defeat you easily, you won't throw in the towel and say just kill me. You'd fight harder hoping you could get 2points for just killing one of them. And isn't 5x5 already dominated by warlocks, shamans and rangers? It would be just like the start of a new arena season, when everyone went 5x5 but still died because the high amped and pros where winning. The craze would die out and people would ses that they could earn more points in winning a 2x2 wit
  5. Normal rules of arena would apply. It would end up a tie, but you get points for killing the runners teammate. Hehe when i face hassn and his high amped partner, I'm like oh well... just hit as much as i can, maybe hassn will die :lol:
  6. Its more than 3 hours, been about 10 hours? :lol: :facepalm: Ignore button saved my sanity :lol:
  7. The best rune i ever got from norlant :lol:
  8. Many mcs inside the pvp do not accept how the elves are being ganged. If you have ever been inside the cave as a mc and heard the things they say you wouldn't have started this topic. Lots of regulars insult the gangers and tell them to stop. Also i know a few mcs, when they see elves being ganked, they use their elves to help kill them.
  9. Yup, the volcanoes should stop erupting after one team dies
  10. Don't think having a pvp spot at swamps is a good idea. 1. takes forever to even reach it 2. anyone could disturb because its norlant, people attack the other faction 3. who's to say people won't block and be trolls? 4. you can't back when you die
  11. I like this idea :) Just have a question, in the event of a tie, do both teams get the same points? I know in the lava map, if the eruption kills the last player remaining, your team wouldn't get a kill. So if you do tie, would the team who had the guy die from the eruption get the same points as the team that died first?
  12. Agreed if everyone could teleport anywhere, cl wouldn't be a challenge,everyone would finish kortavva quests in 30mins, and where's the fun in it? Also you won't have mc/elf crossing problems anymore, they would just port out of there kill someone else, port back and kill you again. What about lab hunts? It would no longer be difficult to get to eye and therefore everyone would hunt there and create wars and stuff. It would later destroy the economy of servers with sudden influxes of equips from kortavva and lab drops. It would just destroy the game.
  13. I go random about 99% of the times. Win about 50% of the time because I'm noob :lol: P.s. never go to arena when hassn is on, its just him and a healer with high amps. Arenas not fun when he's on :bad: :facepalm:
  14. Well nothing you can about that. I guess people have the same idea as you do that the cost of items is too much, and hunting would be cheaper :lol:
  15. Nope its not a bug. This happened to me many times before and I'm guessing that it has something to do with lag... the skill problem happens to any class when using a skill. So yes i think its lag.
  16. The price of items in game is dependent on its players. Devs can't do anything about because its us players who decided how much an item should cost. If you want to buy hair colour for example, save up on gold and buy it when its on sale at miracle coin shop, and players would sell it cheaper. Or you could buy it with miracle coins As for equipement, if you wouldn't want to spend 20k on one, try hunting for it or trading something else for it. That's also another reason why devs can't put a maximum price on items. Its because players can batter with each other. An item for ano
  17. If your theory works out, don't tell others about it. Otherwise no one would hunt at lab, there would be a sudden influx of sd weapons and lvl 18 equips. It would destroy the current economy of that server. Worst of all, devs would most likely change it and all your hard work would go down the drain. I gotta say though, if your theory is right, awesome job!
  18. Oh well .... at least there would be no more hateful comments in that thread O:-)
  19. Also i wanted to put this in but I'm using a phone and can't type a lot in one post Hey ginlal :friends: :give_rose: and lol i had no idea you were 23
  20. I believed noah did this as he wanted his family to be able to play in a game that he enjoys. He said this when he first wrote about the topic, and he doesn't want children hearing/reading offensive words that are in the name of a character, or in a chat . The matter itself is simple, as are the things he wishes to be changed. But baai, what gives you the right to insult him for suggesting this? It may not even come into effect, and how would effect you if it does? You just wouldn't be able to name a character thats offensive, and just censoring when you do say vulgarities. I respect you
  21. Yes please stay on topic everybody. Things went out of hand, put the past behind us, and let the past be the past
  22. That's the idea i loved about this suggestion :give_rose:
  23. Sorry there's no option in edit poll to allow people go change their options :unknw: Also apologies for making another thread on this topic. Didn't know about it .. thanks for the info though, shall check first in the future before making a new thread.
  24. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Noah seriously? :facepalm: :facepalm:Don't you think you took it a little too fair? Its a life and its precious. Reaper hasn't threatened you, merely insulted. People do that all the time whenever we get mad, hurt, annoyed and so on. It helps them chill out, to just get it out of their system. However i do feel that you have been rather patient in this matter and the last straw was talk about your family. @Elentiza wise words :give_rose: but the topic changed to censoring. Noah does censor so no he isn't a hypocrit ;) yup i totally agree with
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