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  1. look like hellownd costum
  2. is looking very simple...
  3. nice desain... nice name...
  4. Finaly I found the winner :shok: ... is relly awosome :shok:
  5. Wonder... How much the price minions scroll in M.coin shop? Over 1000 coin for 1pcs scroll?
  6. OH NO!! READ THIS; Fixes 1. Suggestion to use auto generated name for new characters. 2. World chat notification after upgrading any item for enchantment level 8 and higher. 3. Alliance chat links disabled for every devices. Ignore option is now working for Alliance chat. 4. Interface of “Society” tab reworked. 5. Fixed flashing effect after using consumables. 6. Fixed sorting order in guild list. 7. Fixed bug with wrong displaying item parameters and enchant effect in chat. 8. You could destroy any item by yourself from your bag after death. No.8. YOU COULD DESTROY ANY ITEM BY YOUSELF FROM YOUR BAG AFTER DIE... THAT MY NIGHTMARE... PLEASE REMOVE THIS SYSTEM
  7. :facepalm:next upate they say max lvl into 30.. but for what they make wpn lvl 39?! :search:
  8. Vampard

    Cant connect

    This game is the winer best app for android (rank 1)... but, if the game connent like this.. and have many bug. .. i dont sure that... :facepalm:
  9. Vampard

    Favorite Class

    : ;D :good: :good:good:
  10. :unknw: The question now is... when this update will be startd...
  11. this just my small idea.. -if you will make new skill... please make mage can heal.... -if you make a pet system make the pet have a characteristic, like smart.. lazy... diligent etc.. - make rogure dont be Invisible!! i hate that skill...
  12. :wacko: and they sell unity sign for 1m. wtf
  13. :mega_shok: Lag VERY HARD!!!
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