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  1. fix symbian to please :diablo: :facepalm: :cray:
  2. frezzos

    ranger suit

    many me creat look :good: :fool: :facepalm: for raque ;D
  3. frezzos

    ranger suit

    ty to like 8) :drinks:
  4. frezzos

    ranger suit

    The ranger costume suitable for a sweet and beautiful woman to be seen i hope you like this :friends: :good: :search:
  5. :'( please give me reward in swamp good weapon and gear i very weak in warspear
  6. :facepalm: :pleasantry: UPDATE HOHO VERY POOR ME TO UPGRADE us-sapphire
  7. Shit hydra yellow hp 1,8m Blue hp 2,2m Huhuhu Frezzos us-sapphire
  8. YEAH FINALY :drinks: FREZZOS LVL 20 US-SAPPHIRE 8) :yahoo: :tease:
  9. horrAAAAAAAAAAAyyyy us-sapphire frezzos lvl 20 girlshe lvl 20 frezze lvl 15 ty for you
  10. good costum :good: us-sapphire frezzos lvl 20 bar girlshe lvl 18 shaman ty 8)
  11. I THINK WIN IN ARENA GOT 70 POINT LOSE 30 POINT ;D frezzos lvl 20 girlshe lvl 18 u-sapphire :facepalm:
  12. I THINK UPDATE WIN IN ARENA GOT ARENA POINT THAT GOOD!!!! ;D frezzos lvl 20 girlshe lvl 18 us-sapphire
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