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  1. Need to find and ask a sexy friend to hold a poster with a warspear logo on it 8) :good:
  2. what do u mean by library is now a pvp zone ? will players of same section be able to pvp each other? :crazy:
  3. For ppl with slow connections ballbut 3 quake and 3 ball is also good. ::)
  4. but against rangers blessing I think it will rock.
  5. Should I lvl up my earthquake or that new skill when I lvl up to 18? My current earthquake lvl is 1 btw.
  6. I have been using this trick since last year. I don't know if someone else is also using it or not so I would like to mention it here :clapping: to make an 100% earth quake hit u need to use earth quake just after the dmg skill. Don't delay it even by 0.20 sec . This will even work on slow connections coz I myself have a slow connection and had a hard time using EQ :drinks:. And how is the new shaman skill??? :blush:
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