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  1. Well hmmm........ Unidentified error Rip
  2. Better if after t5 part2 they make a chainless league storyline or a completely new map featuring tales of chainless league and making new items for cc
  3. Highest token in penguin ride
  4. Remember 4-6 yrs ago MCs always cry on forum in-game complaining to support team spamming world chat everyday non -stop to nerf bd or you forgot?
  5. No sale today it's not u being affected lol I can't believe u uninstalled
  6. It says missing health not maximum health basically warden can't tank without healers now
  7. Hey I want to ask how to do this quest all alone as a warden How to get pearl when boss with 120k always aggro you???? Boss have 120k and my warden can't solo it what do I do?
  8. Who shalll take the honour of being first and shine under the glory of being the best? Time will tell Everything shall be unveiled
  9. I don't know what language that is but this song is full of rythms hmmm Excellent
  10. In winter nights I drink a cup of wine Getting drunked in your memories Thinking about that day When I left you to walk my lonely path Wanting to see you But regrets fills my heart Your enchanting sight A memory of past Want to conquer the median night And present it you As a token of my love Oh this fate I wish for it to end Oh this twisted love Even death unable to do us apart In game name sdivines server -us sapphire
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