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  1. offcource talking with that dumb who wana pvp my xshamy bt i dont think he can accept chllange bcoz all his character weak :lol:
  2. anih u said i never said for 1v1 elvan vs me ? so m saying come on make 3v3 party and lets see whos the dumb noob ok ? or scared ? :facepalm:
  3. just bcoz u know my ranger weak u challange :pardon: why u not say against my shamn ..u just cry for shamn vs barb is unfair and bla bla bla ...bt u cant challange my shamn 8) take ur elvanator vs my shamn :facepalm: we see
  4. nah 1 time my ranger did same :lol: bt by mistake 1 hit :lol: and he on anhi and kicked my ranger ass just bcoz my ranger weak and did a misclick :facepalm:
  5. why mc cant kill mc :D :D otherwise i like challanges ...i wana see what u do against my xshamy :crazy:
  6. just 1 question ..its the price of the currect tourny ? or next which start after 13 days ? plz rply devs :clapping:
  7. not my name in poll :cray: :cray: btw i choose amit :friends: bcoz he and me daily do transfer .. ;)
  8. ok u not gie mc coin then why u take that 15k :facepalm: and why not give back :facepalm: :facepalm: i not have problem u back or not just accept ur noob scamer :facepalm: ducking noob
  9. bro idc about it ..he ban or not ..i jsut want player will get he scamer and dont do any deal with him..just let the players knows bro u know me from starting ...idc about that gold ..i just want player dont trust him..
  10. see it guyz ..plz dont delete ..idc he ban or not just let the players know ..plz
  11. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: why not u let me show my proof just deleting
  12. i will upload here...just wait 30 more min...electricty come then we see..i will ban ur rouge just wait..i have 10 player whom u scamed bt u not have a singal player who i scamed..noob
  13. i already upload 1 time 4 players comment too and its delted..and this time daily elctricity 2 hour cut..i cant on pc for again upload..like i said just wait and watch..noob scamer..
  14. where is the chat when i told for give by xshamy and revenger...here not a singal tade chat ..u just doing bla bla..not a singal line of chat
  15. where the here u seeing i scamed u ? ..many people seen the topic which i created and some one delted it..i upload again wait..
  16. ya i too seen kalzoom . :shok:
  17. holiday boy herald selll ...only if good offer
  18. yesterday my frnd dw smock got scamed by same tactic :(
  19. we will miss u too frnd :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:
  20. :lol: :lol: bt atleast we killed :D :D after gm make his hp 1.5m ..i lost hope for do hydra :cray:
  21. i wana join tooo :cray: waiting for lvl 3 :clapping:
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