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  1. yeah :( they ill relpy me after 1 year maybe on support side lol
  2. listen who u r first this topic fr devs who must replying me my payment in game working good its just now m buying m.coins daily and 2nd idc i need my m.coins its stealing!!!!
  3. hi devs m used today 50$ for m.coins but m just got 840m.coins m using sms payment n m from iraq its working always just today m feeling like got stolen :wacko: anyway just pls i wanna solution fast pls before damage discount finish ....and smthing else amplify system soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shit!!! m used over 10k m.coins for staff arena to make it +9 but didn't successed and i amplified my two blades till it reached +10+9 with 250-300set sign!!! u don't thinking this sucks???!!!!anyway m not abt this topic i need my m.coins m used over 2000$ must b some good serving
  4. wow devs i spent 6k m.coins on my guild and now all that going to leader!!?he even cant buy 1m.coins -_- wtf u doing let every1 back his m.coins or dont back it !!
  5. ty bro to saying that :give_rose: ur friend Aloneking ;D
  6. plus that he can write in his gift to other player like "happy birthday"..... and i hope can write alot couse if u wanna write some love words need big place :blush:
  7. Welcome. Have a new idea for gift boxes ...... ::) Is that you will make the player can give the other player's gift. Such as love gifts, birthdays and Christmas. I think it would be exciting idea and nice and appeal to many players Thank you devs :give_rose: i hope players gv them opinion :drinks:
  8. me alone in t4 of elfs XD sry cz pic not good my phone eating shit :D
  9. old members back again just we miss one person :( hope she come back :facepalm:
  10. :dirol: ONE LEAVE OTHER COME :dirol: THIS LIFE .....
  11. CONGRATZ :clapping: AND HOPE THE BEST FOR U GUYS :give_rose: AND THIS LOGO FOR GUILD FROM Aloneking member of TheCrimsonGUILD
  12. Payment sms worked yesterday and today stopped We've bought yesterday Iraqi players m.coins and today morning around us did not succeed buy :facepalm: please fix it what happened؟
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