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    3 reasns y.... 1. Is becuz I'm black. 2. Is becuz I'm number one rogue on us sever and 3.is cuz my gf is ladyseth and ppl r jelly :)
  2. haters gonna hate..... but who are his chars?
  3. fluguyy


    U know what... duck what my guild members want. :lol: I'm the new leader in this ♥♥♥♥♥ 8)
  4. fluguyy


    if you are serious I will ask guild to consider u.... I like u but the members might not
  5. no reason for u to post here :) and y so negative all the time?
  6. fluguyy


    If u play mc side add my rogue name fluguy..... maybe if your very active and can make a lot of gp u can join vortex :friends:
  7. What do u mean???? Ambriel never pvps. :rofl: the one time I seen her in pvpcave which was a few days ago (no gankers there) I challenge her to pvp and she sat there for like 20mins and then logs off :facepalm:
  8. seth is the one tht loves me :) but I just want to be her friend but she no understand :( sorry seth but I would not like to duck u... just friends
  9. weezy did no such thing to me :)
  10. Add me on ps3 @ ejakeculation69696969SWAG
  11. wow I thought we had a real connection... we could of been best friends..... and also who are u? How do u know about seth being in love with me...
  12. pshh I don't like u anyways.. I don't want to eat rice the rest of my life. :nea: no offense
  13. I never liked u anyways :( and friends with benifits? ;D
  14. The other song was 100x better :( ... y did u have to change it :'(
  15. All they need to add for rogue is an option to put poision on your daggers/swords... u can choose between damage every few seconds or slows enemy attack speed and movment by 50% keep in mind this is a chance not all the time. Other skill is teleport behind the enemy which stuns enemy for a few seconds and increase your penetration. Just these 2 things will make rouge op :yahoo:
  16. can we be boyfriend and girlfriend now? :give_rose:
  17. I guess I'm scum then :( I scam that noob rogue account fluguy
  18. Hey jay do me a favor and tell me the name of that song
  19. [quot :friends:e author=Darkzain link=topic=99794.msg709530#msg709530 date=1389054459] face it u still like seth xD it may be true but like is not a strong word like love.... your love for eisha is strong :)
  20. hmmm let me think about that......nahhhhhhhh
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