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  1. That's so childish, I wish I could view the world as you do. If it were as simple as you try and put it, the word scam would no longer have meaning. Let me put it in a way for you to understand.You're new to an area, you meet someone, he becomes a mentor and helps you with absolutely everything to the point where you're his guide, you're best friends at this point. Then suddenly you get what he wanted, he build you and a fake friendship just to rob you blind. So tell me more about how simple it is to "not get scammed."
  2. No, barbs can 1-2 hit meters and rangers. I think this works out well. It's like having a powerful weapon with a low crit chance. Accept the pros and the cons of it mate.
  3. If you scam someone you're lower than trash, have fun with your pixels you worthless monsters. Stealing items is ridiculous, this community is not big enough for selfish con artists, you should delete your account and repent for your sins. On a lighter note, warspear is incredibly awesome. I'm just a tad bit discouraged by the fact that I can't make legit friends as I work my way to level 20. I don't regret joining.
  4. Use a DoT skill that'll make critical heals less of a problem. All healers on nearly every Mmo have critical heals. A healer's initial role is to heal, why not give them this since there is no great heal at the moment that does 2k heal with 15 mp cost.
  5. I didn't know I had to change my login info in game and I cleared the game data so I could access the forums by my phone while the game ran in background. Long story short I have no idea how to get my account back.
  6. I though I would be safe by working on my crossbow till +5 without enchant protects, I made it to +4 and it kept breaking.
  7. I'm fairly new, however I've spent hours gathering information on this game by getting to know the community, doing lots of research and what not. I found one flaw really, classes get nerfed if enough people complain about them. I believe each fits well, each class has it's own role and should be looked at as such. Yeah, we have a lot of rambos here though maxing gear and running solo, trying to become top gun, ruining the fun for most but that's typical on any MMO. I could go on but I'm "just some new guy" you're probably thinking. I would love it if people actually looked at this, if my post
  8. I'm a Druid level 4 with the basic set from shop, I put all my points into healing so far and I must say this is my fav class. I tried priest it's perfect but Druid feels like me. I do great in PvP with it too, just keeping people alive and keeping their target from moving seems cool. This game may seem unbalanced but everything feels right especially if you're running around with a group. Thank you so much everyone! I'll try Necro soon, now I'm aiming for level 6 on my druid
  9. Hey everyone, I started a few days ago and I'm still at that phase where I'm unsure of which character I want to be. I suppose I'll focus on PVE for now since I'm possibly the biggest noob on here. However I'm a fast learner and I soak up all advice. Now to the point! What's a superb pve class? I know this is a frequently asked question but I spent the past few days leveling characters to 4 and just stopping at that to do more research. Please give me some pointers, I'd like to make a character and get that grinch gear before it's too late. Thanks for reading this. :)
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