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  1. Is the regeneration rate higher or do you only get the 'vampiric' effect?
  2. Since there's already a post (a bit useless) about the skill, I'll use it instead of creating a new one. I have a few questions: 1) What is the difference at the different levels? 2) What does the amount of the stolen HP depend on (Your HP/ the target's HP/ the damage you deal on them)? 3) How does the skill work in combination with lifesteal? Do they affect each other, and if yes, how? 4) Do you think it's worth buying/would you prefer it over the other expert skill. This is all that I wanna know for now, but any info beyond that is gonna be appreciated.
  3. At ~200 magical damage a Paladin can deal up to 500 damage per hit (without critting) with the banner (4x500 = 2000), 10 paladins with an avarage of 400 damage per hit from the banner can deal 16000 damage to all the people who are in the range of the banner [((4x400) x 10) = 16000].
  4. You say it's the worst skill, but why? Can you base your statement on something? Not that I'm trying to argue, I had the feeling that this skill will s**k from the second I saw it on the forum. I haven't bought it yet, and I really wonder if it's worth it. I have a hope that it might be. If there's someone who's leveled it up, I have a few questions: 1) What's the level your skill? 2) What's your HP regen? 3) How much does the skill increase it? 4) How much HP do you sacrifice? 5) Is the regeneration still 1/2 in a PvP?
  5. Okay, now this is BS. Why do you keep buffing a few classes and ****ing others up, 3 updates in a row? Like, seriously, why would a DK want to sacrifice a part of its health? What does "strongly increases the HP regeneration" mean, and how would that be any useful in PvP or PvE (where the regeneration is cut in half)?
  6. Congrats to the other winners. Even though there were some videos that I liked better than my own, I'm glad I made it to the 3rd place.
  7. Everybody has a chance to win. Even the videos that some people call "bad" may actually be highly appreciated by the judges. It's all about people's preferences.
  8. jayrox, yes, it's exactly 60% dungeon footage. I had the 75%, but there is always somebody to point out something they dislike about the video. I tried everything I could to satisfy everybody's whims, but I don't think it's possible. So whatever I do, there is always something that's not right. If I cut the story more, it'll be just a video of me doing a dungeon. I've never recorded nor edited a video before in my life, so you can't expect it to be flawless. I don't really think the jury will calculate the exact percentage of dungeon material in a video.. but I might be mistaken.
  9. I must have missed this guide. Not that I"m some sort of an expert, but in my opinion, this is exactly how a guide should look. Good job!
  10. FantasyPremium, this is the best organized guide yet. Still, I'd recommend not to use so many colours. I find it distracting and it kinda annoys my eyes. I think it would be better to underline or thicken the important stuff, maybe even center the subsections. This is just my opinion though. I'm not that familiar with the game, so I don't have anything to made a guide for, but if I ever come with an idea, I'd do exactly what I told you to. Good luck.
  11. Ninja Owl, I'm aware of that. I even wrote it in the ''short comment'' section under the video. When I started editing the video I didn't know of the existence of the ''75% dungeons'' requirement (I must have missed it) so I had to fit in it. At first, there were few more title cards that I used to separate the different parts of the story with, bring tension and give some extra information about what is going on. I tried to shorten the video by only removing some of them, but it wasn't enough, so I had to cut some parts of the story and quicken another. So I guess the subtitles were affected aswell. I was thinking about adding the whole text under the video, so if somebody is interested in reading it, he won't have to pause the video every 10 seconds, but then I thought - who reads them anyways.. I'll try to repair it when I have some more time. My exam session startes in few days and I find editing a video to be too time-consuming. Anyway, thank you for comment. I do appreciate it.
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