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  1. Sisi, Borneo, its been a long time and im trying my best with bacon. im preparing the guys to go for tourney but need you guys as i asked bfore (also swaaz lol) and if u guys cant join i would gladly buy the guikd if u guys feel like selling (i wish it were just you going back and leading) or leaving slotts free for me to invite few higher levels or idk. I miss you, br server miss you. We have in RIP good alliated and elves are ownin we need bacon to rise and kick em off. Sister, born, i need u guys or at least alt slots ill put some bacon related screenshots.
  2. 2 kill you its just needed a lvl 2 or 3
  3. on 21 this month (if am not wrong tourney start that day) we r gonna try take either 1/2/3 spot. C mon guys pls say whos in and whos out for that week.
  4. Well, i were not talking about you. You raise your char with mine i saw how you got and amp everything in the limits of a non mcoins user, actually i used like 100 euros or + since im on br server and still +5 lvl17 weapon. xD I mentioned that "rich" thing cs of those who became superpowerful with A: Born, Gi and my help. and B: stealing to our leader precious items. Sadly i cant say who they are and i wont point at anyone. Its enough clear that those who have support them selves is normal to become strong (Zeus, gi, born) the ones who were begging all day long for a single repair... How they did got +8 or new fancy shinny wpns? Well. Im not point at anyone cs thats not gonna happen anymore if i take really care of movements on wh. Everyone is gonna be responsible of the items they left in WH. If something disapear it will be the only fault of the person who live it in there without a clear destination or new owner. I woke up this morning. Animal is heir. Sold few shits. I feel good. Thank you borneo. Btw holo is asking if he can use crafting items to help ppl in guild. I offered to him before but told him i need the response of actual owners of that crafting items.
  5. Bro, Born i need to get two friends into guild. Could you please kick both chars of hot (sad, again, very sad)? And Gi, Sisi, Si. Zeus told me you wanted to talk with me but since that day no one knows anything bout you. As Born said i just hope you re ok. Well you can pm me on facebook, or here or idk. Log in game. We r doin something here but you know, most of the ppl loosing the hope of taking back some control on the guild, others are thinking that why r they doin gp for a guild who dnt even care about it and may do theirselves guilds. Idk. Lets everyone do what they feel like but i dnt see almost any reason to play br server more than keep bacon alive and try something with it. Born gave me explorer, i want to use bankchars to clean up wh a little, but i dnt want you guys to think im scamming or something. Im gonna give a ring and cape to Bloody, im gonna keep the usign in a bankchar with the rest of items that i can, as crafting items etc. Im almost only login to see if i can do put ppl together, i know some who may join, as peehole, mari, ninja, probly numba, maybe randomly bubu. Cactuar if we are active it would be a pleasure having him in too... idk, also my first friend ingame, a lovely person who never give me sign of bein a rat (he have my pass long time ago and my acc still there), and we became friends since them even tho he wasnt playing for + than a year. Wow i dnt know how to put this in words. We need some good leader and i dnt think im the one but if no one else its really interested im offering myself to lead. I would love the lead was Born but hes quite hopeless about guild destiny, playing other games atm and etc. Well, whatever i keep talking. I offer myself with the total compromise of respecting slots for every original bacon player who feel like coming back and trying do something nice. Ill respect name, players, actual items in wh wont be used (as the 2 sets usigns i left or the rest mari or other tried to farm. And yesh, i will keep asking the guys for usigns till we complete 70 and i will pm you when we got em. I know Usigns issue is the less important part of this issue. The worst, for me, was loosing a few good friends whom i apreciate a lot and who gave me illusion to keep playing this slot machine. Gi, born, swaaz. Any of you would be our perfect leader. I would gladly follow you guys. But if you really dnt care about this please let me try something. None of the items or the integrity of the guild will be in risk on my hands. I know we not friends since the beginning but im pretty sure you guys know you can trust me. Im that guy who still poor meanwhile their friends got richer and stronger. The free arena tckts guy. The take this recent drop i got guy, because you need it. idk. Im that gay yeah
  6. And yeah Bubu not dead yet. Still there is hope.xD
  7. Bacon its Gi. Bubu and Born captain and commander. We the rest just were in the best place at the perfect moment. But now its just like jazoob and bloody and only bcoz they re leveling. Well. Ty born for rank ill invite animal back. Animal, holograma, jazoob friend, admiralmos and his gf. If no one mind since no one cares! If anyone have a prob with the inviting i mentioned tell me. Admi and his gf i respond of them. Jaz friend is a cool guy but idk him. Holo well. Its Holo. Left easy 1k crimson corundum earning to be with us. But you know.. You know. Well... Thats it atm. I wish i can help guildmates more but runing up and down map cs i cant use wh its giving me cancer. xD *forgot to add that Hotdog got permaban so his chars are sadly useless for guild SADLY cs he is the best
  8. Gi, need to catch up with you or born, Zeus told me you maybe make me heir or lead and idk. I log daily but cant catch you there! Pm wich server, heroes you are guys playing so i pm you there at least to have a lil chat. BacooOoOOooOOOOon
  9. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah 2k mcoins! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD Thank you devs RESULTS ON FACEBOOK, GUYS!
  10. Spanish, knoxy come to br. lets prepare a 1st place takeover. We have the guild and halfway the power. BACON FOR ALL!
  11. Animal also need to go back in guild. lets meet guys. Gi, Born.
  12. this contest was cool atm in that. no crazy people fighting for likes. JUst a girl got 300 in onde day dnt ask me how.
  13. write delete write delete write delete I miss you guys.
  14. Well since i apply for other contests like poetry contests or etc contests or even Ws contest. Since i remember, last day also counts.
  15. lol it need a date. well im out i guess. at least i can send proof tomorrow again with date in the same place Peter, can i? Plx plx plx i suffered a lot to take this picture, even fought wife xD
  16. Sent mine i hope i still in time it was DAMNED HOT today to wear that clothing!
  17. Añade a Yarahisy. Manda mensaje cuando me veas online.
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