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  1. Hi does anyone here play this game on ps4?? Anyway I got a vid of a really hard quest that I completed if anyone is bored and wants to watch .. I'll also have some more vids from this game soon too My YouTube
  2. After being 2nd in 21-22 then wanting to lvl up and having arena points Reset and having to keep up in 2-5 and spending about 11k ticks. I don't know haha i don't even care
  3. And it's not much if a difference from my old one
  4. An i the only one with the magic dmg amulet on eu emerald elf side?
  5. When will you fix this? I don't understand why you have to like redownload the game on PC for updates like this?? So I've tried downloading it and towards like 60% of the update it stops and says done and comes up with "NSIS ERROR"
  6. I'm missing 750 MCOINS I charged maybe 6 hours ago I logged off came back on and I had 1mcoin. I then charged two more times and those purchases gave me the MCOINS. I'm missing MCOINS from the 1st payment and money has been taken out of my account. I have my receipts from Apple if that helps
  7. I took it from my phone when playing on my PC and yes I have. Here's an example
  8. Ahaha when I read his post I was going to post the same damn thing
  9. Offensive class vs support defensive class .........
  10. Clampman97


    This was a few weeks ago..I hate 1v1ing Shamans
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