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  1. where? Which section? I just wanna see those drops.
  2. Hi guys. I just want to know or see something worthy from the Tower. Coz im only seeing some lvl16 gears. Im having a thoughts that its only a waste of time and gold/money(by buying stima reset). So... Any drop like lvl19 or better? Post your screenshots here if you dont mind. I dont care if its from McSaken or ElfSen. Thanks and Goodluck! :)
  3. Vcut

    3.11 on iOS

    so,i found out that amplifying accessories need a 3.11 client and that bugged from friend/ignore/guild/ etc list to be fixed. but the problem is, I already redownloaded the warspear client thru apps store and i still got 3.10 client and still cant amplify my accessories and my "Society" section is still bugged. Big question is, when are you guys going to do the updated client on Apps Store? i cant always play on my computer so... i or we really need this to be fix asap. Thanks in Advance. PS: i love this update personally as a Priest. ;D Goodjob! :clapping:
  4. exactly,we wouldnt know till we get banned lol.
  5. im supporting Acrid in this issue,if he really tells the truth then there's no reason for him to get banned. devs should check his account's info. P.S: now im scared. what if i got cousins in other country and i requested a treat from them(even they are not playing the game) and they used sms payment or other payment methods that is different on the one im using. so does that mean i will be banned too? even they bought me mcoins to treat me coz im their cousin? lmao! this is insane!
  6. loool, yeah,that was the time pvp cave has bats lol. and yeah vcut is still on my account. but i havent made any changes since the first time swamp map came. and besides,for elf side,melee's kinda became useless,this game became battle for casters/ranges lol. so im not actually focusing on vcut now,instead im only using it for kota quest lol(captured shaman to be exact). im more using my priest nowadays.whats your rogue's name by the way? i might have seen you around.
  7. Im not that old. I first played this game when theres no level(only ranks). But i only played it couple of times(forgot the name i made). Then quited. After a while, i came back when troll costumes and old runes/crystals still exists. Thats when i made a ranger named "Dummy". Then made a BD named Vcut. And now a priest named Oracles. I cant answer your question coz i just got back from the game today after more than a year. Actually my account is back from being jailed(tempo ban for some reason). So im not really updated about whos still playing and whos not. Im not that old but i become close on some older players in game which i believe already quit. So your right on something. I kinda miss them specially pvping them(those old players i met). But the good thing is, im back for good. And looking forward on seeing some old friends ingame(mcs or elf). P.S: do you still remember my bd Vcut? We used to pvp back then. Its when the pvp cave isnt that crowded yet. No noobs hanging around and gankers are very few. :) i barely use my bd now tho. Coz this game became a battles between range/caster. And as an elf its kinda tough for melee because usually warlocks and shamans hang out in pvp cave. And when they trippin? They killing all. And thats not good for melee's :D so i switch to priest.
  8. actually rogues too, if they gouge the other one then can 2 hits the remaining one and will 2 hits the other one too,lol sounds confusing :cray:
  9. what did i missed? :clapping:
  10. either thread i post,if they really have an answer or if they really want to answer they will,im sure they always check every single thread/section in this forum,because thats one of their jobs,if im wrong,then this forum useless.
  11. i already sent some tickets in support,like 4-6 times already,still no answer from them,i dont care if this support section here in forum is useless,i just want to give an example for other players that devs work like this,60-70% of players reports are being ignored,specialy like my case. :facepalm: :facepalm:
  12. i know,but my point is,if the seller set me up(but im not saying he have no reason or he cant) devs will block both account(the one sold and the buyer).but in my case,i can still play the rogue i bought,so damn,im really confuse.i just f*cking want to know what did i do wrong aside buying an account,and if buying an account is the only reason that puts me to a blocked list,then why the hell they didnt blocked the rogue which they usually does when they caught someone trading/buying an account.its really weird for me,ive heard many cases just like this,but i think im the only one thats experiencing this.so i just need a WORD FROM THEM! AT LEAST GIVE ME A CLUE DEVS,THEYRE NOT EVEN ANSWERING MY REPORTS IN SUPPORT!!
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