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  1. Even with ranger, you can root and run back, don't just stand up during rooting, you can make out of range to kite range class, root - bee - atk - run back. Look at that video, u will learn something.
  2. These problem is too old. I ever asked about this a year ago and got reply that no way to provide keyboard for qwerty phone, the only solution is by changing it on settings whether it's matrix or touch screen, as my experience when i was using matrix i was trouble in changing number to alpabeth but when using touch screen setting its just simple to change from alpabeth to number, just click twice on "fuction key" at qwerty board.
  3. This video is a proof that no ranger can beat druid 1v1. Watch it now!
  4. All barbarian in game have same feeling about how f**king fail of charge, but 1 BD (tung4u) keeping his BD is best melee in game, thats funny story.
  5. Very fun for shaman beating druid, its like King vs Queen, but when beating priest it's not fun at all. That's why i prefer pvp with druid so we can manage combo, not like stupid for manage mana. Shaman with always full HP but 0 mana, craps! really not fun!
  6. Btw i'd love root rather than power word. Show me that u can defeat notawolf.
  7. He meant that priest with max power word is retard, only staying in pvp cave, nothing can do except pvp and just showing how powerful making mana drain at lv5, the type of this priest is sure weak in PVE cuz mob doesn't use any mana/energy to use skill. Priest wh lv5 power word just for killing shaman easily, but still challenge fighting with necro cuz of passive skill (energy regen)
  8. Yahoo... Defense buff would be still on even changing any armors, good sange! But its not trick maybe its just tips hehe... It works in pvp cave too :) First, use full def set, use darkshield skill then quickly change using resillience sets for pvp :)
  9. I don't see any mmo have limitation number of target of AOE skills, as i know the only class who can avoid any stun just make it resist like dodge or use some skills to cancel enemy's skill.
  10. Wow nice video darklock, what the hell! No ranger can kill druid. Its proof that bees are really OP to defeat ranger so easy. Thanks for sharing xD....
  11. AoE vs single-target, both have each advantage. Lets say, Aoe damage, higher damage to group enemy Aoe damage (dot), lower damage to group enemy Aoe total stun, stopping group enemy Aoe stun ll, pushing group enemy away Aoe stun lll, disabling group enemy's skill Single-target damage, higher damage to enemy Single-target (dot), lower damage to enemy with extra longer dot. Single-target ll, longer duration stunning enemy. Single-target lll, longer duration disabling enemy's skill Single-target lV, longer duration knocking back enemy *Druid with root is the Queen of pvp 1v1 *Shaman and mage with earthquake and stone chain are the Queen of group damager *Warlock with circle is the Queen of group stunner *Rogue and necromancer with gouge and nighmare are The queen of single stunner. Now, lets choose! What is class type you want? NB: Not only druid have single stun, you forgot about priest and necromancer xD....
  12. Insect swarm depends on moon stats, more moon more damage of bees. Go amp your staff then you will see how OP bees at lv5. Ex: Insect swarm 120 dmg x 5 times = 600 dmg with no fail Earth quake 300 dmg once, critical 600! dmg with sometimes dodge So, both skills are interesting xD....
  13. You must understand that each class is built by defferent armors. Clothes armor - highest risk dying covered by awesome skills (best) Light armor - easy dying but highest agility and better skills Heavy armor - longest survivor with higher agility but low skills. Rating Armor (strength): Top #1. Heavy (barbar, dk, pala, bd) 2. Light (rogue, ranger) 3. Clothes (shaman, necro, mage, warlock, druid, priest) Rating skills: Top #1. Magicians (mage, warlock) 2. Healer (shaman, necro, priest, druid) 3. Assassin/hunter (rogue, ranger) 4. Warrior (barbar, dk, pala, bd) Rating agility: Top #1. Assassin (rogue, ranger) 2. Warrior (barbar, dk, pala, bd) 3. Magicians (mage, warlock) 4. Healer (shaman, necro, priest, druid) Rating single-play: Top #1. Healer (shaman, necro, priest, druid) 2. Warrior (barbar, dk, pala, bd) 3. Assassin (rogue, ranger) 4. Magicians (mage, warlock)
  14. BTW, yunzhii is still at anax for long time, never see her at town even when she is online, maybe yunzhii and other friends like spanish, hassn are still there (anax) wew.... Once they come back they will bring all lv18 items :blush:
  15. War event is still the most exciting i thought xD..
  16. Online game - never ending till server dead. New update, there will new features. Yes, we are bored when the current feature is not enough to enjoy but we all forgot that warspear is the only mmo with quick updates, gotta re-instal again and again xD...
  17. Well, i'd try to explain. Some skills are hard to use, once it works perfectly so it looks like OP but instead of the perfectness there is still a weakness like failure, low success chance rate, dodging or lag position. Magicians - not all players can play this class, this class is popular OP class in all MMORPGs in the world, but only few people who have ability to play it perfectly Warrior - all players seem could play this class, easier than magicians but instead of the easiness there is a difficulty to beat magicians, but it depends on your strength. Who said its OP they are loser when they got killed without any chance to touch, but they forgot about when success caught up, they could defeat easily. That's my mind.
  18. You forgot, once you caught warlock they are easy die. Thats balanced.
  19. With 4% of HP as passive skill, no doubt that shaman party could be best BOSS hunter without any tankers, plus since forsaken released, necro could make shaman gonna be God mode.
  20. Nice, wish you the best for Mclan :)
  21. I think Druid is Queen of elves, only druid can solo hunt Mc especialy with fast crossing like Breakout, Windcaller, Knox, Dagorth, Trisdan, diaboro, juniorcell, these druids are OP.
  22. All class skills in warspear are exist skills of general mmorpg. You can find on google or wiki why rogue has stealth why barbarian or mage not? Lol. All mmo games have same skills, they just copied and just made it with different name and different about how it works also different in developing skills. In warspear just took 5 skills from exist skills of general mmo, there is still many skills for all class in general mmo.
  23. You are still missing something. At lv20 there is many things that you could do. 1. Have you done making all gears with critical enchants? 2. Have you equipped lv18 complete gears? 3. Have you successfuly amped +10 for your gears? If all is done, then your char is complete.
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