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    :pardon: :rofl:
  2. Mtkdance


    Keep calm after i kill you :unknw:
  3. ok :give_rose: btw stop killing me
  4. I want tell something worng about sign sign can protect item but not 100% 1-12% item still can lost and in the sign efect tell can protect item form ampliyfi but they not write 100% safe so beware about that
  5. at lvl 10 dmg is 321 :good:
  6. I love Warspear Online :yahoo: And Ty So much for devs
  7. Mtkdance

    i quit

    i quit the game too but im in emerald :cray: all of my money use for this game
  8. i think u hate me im sorry about all but i still beter than u sorry about all i will miss warspear and if mtkdance online thats not me ok and about mtvdance thats only lvl 1 this is why actually i stop to play this game 1.very much money i use to this game 2. i make this game like my real life 3.and i play this game all day and time when im at my office too
  9. i dont know anything but they are the best :cray:
  10. hy my friend i think this is last time i open warspear forum and game i need to do hard work and maybe i can open this game one time in 1 years sorry about my friend i really want so if u see him online tell i already stop and miss him tell it to him i cant open and pm him again i'll hope someday i can find my best friend again Dgray,Hamzza (neutronn) :'( and i need u tell him remember me and dont stop playing this game :cray:
  11. Mtkdance

    i quit

    good luck bye brother :'( us-sapphire nothing without you :rofl:
  12. never talk and pvp with him because he only have a big shit :bomb:
  13. thats all go die :facepalm: in lvl 10 elf better than mc :yahoo: profundo just have a big shit only trolling ppl and dont want to be lose :bomb:
  14. profundo only think he is the top lvl 10 but he is enough :bomb:
  15. easy to kill him if u have enough spirit and u have much power to make your account is burn
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